Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fighting Back Vomit.

This makes me physically ill. 

Ok, I know. Technically, the Gosselin's are on the infamous "No Blog" list, but does that include Hailey Glassman? It's iffy. But this could not be ignored, and we're hurting for blogs this month, so I'm going to allow it. Pretending this didn't happen means they win. You know, THEM. Hate them.

Seriously. Uggs. This was apparently a "celebrity" boxing match in PENNSYLVANIA -real classy- where apparently she was the only thing anywhere near a celebrity in attendance. She was the referee. Apparently she is dating the promoter of the event, and Jon Gosselin wants to punch him. Or something. I don't really care about that.

I care about what's going on with her shirt in the back. Ed Hardy is bad enough, but the tears in the back? True class this girl.
Photo courtesy of FUG.

Mmm...Fingers. Tasty.

Leighton Meester has finally taken the finger-biting, "I'm sexy" thing too far. It looks like someone gave this girl a finger sandwich she is about to take a big bite out of. While also trying to lift up her skirt in a unsubtle way.

I guess that's what they go for in Australia.

But seriously, she needs to decide if she's eating a finger sandwich or sucking on a finger lollipop. Also, this act is getting old. And boring. 

Saturday, December 26, 2009

OMG, Ryan and Kelly For Realz?

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak of "The Office" were spotted out in West Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Could it be? An Office relationship working out in real life?
Photo courtesy of Pacific.

Some Guys Never Get It.

Some guys never learn. Charlie Sheen...will always be a screw up. Time and again people let him back into their good graces, and time and again he messes it up.

This time on Christmas no less. Charlie was booked in a Colorado jail on Christmas morning on charges of second-degree assault, menacing and criminal mischief after a row with his estranged wife Brooke Mueller. With whom he has two twin boys.

Mischief? Really? Well, if anyone could get booked for it, it would either be Charlie Sheen or Calvin and Hobbes.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Betty White's Gotta Eat Ya Know.

LOVE BETTY SO MUCH!!! Betty and Craig together, spreading Christmas cheer, why it just warms my cold, cold heart.

Give as much as you recieve this year! Merry Christmas!

Tainted Yogurt Finds Her Way Back.

Hey, at least this means she and Alexander Skarsgard aren't dating anymore. Yech. He is so better than her.

This however, her and Marilyn Manson, makes sense. She could never have moved beyond it anyways. Thus is the tragic tale of tainted yogurt.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brad Pitt: The Early Years.

Brad Pitt. Has never really done it for me, but my jaw totally dropped when I saw this. Brad on "21 Jump Street", which, thanks to my epic journey through the series, I was able to spot. Totally unexpected.

That's right- Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Together. Brad's hair is...well, classically '80s. Just check out the clip I made below. If you want to watch the whole thing, it's worth it. Trust, Jump Street is not the type of show you have to watch in order.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

GH Makes Some Soup.

James was inspired on SNL, am I wrong? I mean, at least in the beginning. He definitely saved them a bit.

And GH on The Soup? How awesome. On the map baby, on the map. Once Joel McHale makes fun of you, you're made.

Rest in Peace

Brittany Murphy passed away early this morning in Los Angeles. She was best known for her working in 8 Mile, a voice on King of the Hill and Just Married. We here at popYEAH! send our thoughts and prayers to Murphy's family and friends. She leaves behind husband Simon Monjack.

Our Condolences.

Story Developing... 

Photo Source

Saturday, December 19, 2009

James on SNL.

Can't wait for the inevitable...twelve "General Hospital" sketches. 

I have hope for this episode. Anyone else?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snoop and Stephen, Soap Actors.

The Colbert Report
Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Snoop Dogg

Colbert Report Full Episodes
Political Humor
U.S. Speedskating
I love Snoop Dogg. He's so funny. Him and Stephen Colbert? Classic. Him and Stephen Colbert and soap operas?

MY DREAM. Love it. This will cheer those of you up who are still stuck doing finals. AKA just me.

Marion and Guilliaume.

Marion Cotillard was recently spotted at the Gucci Masters Party in Paris on Sunday with her boyfriend, Guilliaume Caudet. 
“The perfect day off would be with my friends and family, because I don’t have much time with them. It would be, actually, a musical day. [We would] sing and dance,” she said.

“A lot of my friends are musicians. It would be in a house in the country, and we would play music — singing and dancing.”

Henry Cavill? Is That You?

Henry Cavill. Mon Dieu, what have you done to yourself??!! I have never seen a hairstyle single handedly make someone look so heinous.

ICK. Fix it. Now.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank God It's Not a Girl.

If this had happened two days earlier (and two days before the premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians") I would have thought they planned it this way. I wouldn't put arranging the birth of a child around their reality tv show.

But anyways, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have welcomed their son, Mason Dash Disick into the world today.

Dash? Really? Get the reference, but won't that confuse people later on in life? Mason - Disick. Personally, just glad it's a boy. The world can't handle another Kardashian woman.

Anyways, Congratulations to the Kardashian/Disick family!
Photo courtesy of Life/Style.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


It's like they're rubbing their love in our faces. I shouldn't be angry, but I am. My jealousy blinds the love and respect I have for both of them. This picture looks like a movie still- that perfect.
Photo Source

Friday, December 11, 2009

"Flight" Flying Away.

"Flight of the Conchords" will not be back for a third season, as announced yesterday.
Bret, Jemaine and James (co-creator/director) said "we’ve noticed the less we say about the future of the show, the more people want to talk about it, so in an effort to reverse this trend we are today announcing that we won’t be returning for a 3rd season. We’re very proud of the two seasons we made and we like the way the show ended. We’d like to thank everyone who helped make the show and also everyone who watched it. While the characters Bret and Jemaine will no longer be around, the real Bret and Jemaine will continue to exist."
They will be missed, although this is a huge disappointment considering their final album was a less than stellar farewell. Read my review for the Observer here.

Bad Miley-mance

I hate this girl. Why does most of America love her? This is why people hate us. Just saying.

19 and Counting.

Michelle Duggar has given birth to her 19th child after being rushed to the hospital for a gallstone and had to have an emergency C-secton. 

Josie Brooklyn Duggar was born at 6:27 p.m. on Thursday at an Arkansas hospital, weighing 1 lb., 6 oz.

Hmm. Brooklyn? David Beckham named one of his kid's Brooklyn. Oddly stylish choice for the Duggar family, but I guess at this point they're kind of running out of names.

Theo is so happy about this. She loves the Duggars.
Photo courtesy of JJ. 

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sherlock Scores.

With Guy Richie's version of "Sherlock Holmes" coming out on Christmas Day, the movie's soundtrack is also getting some buzz.

Hans Zimmer, who did the score, has always been a kick ass composer, but has recently just been knocking them out of the park with scores for "The Dark Knight" and "Pirates of the Caribbean".

I love it. I would totally gush about this score, but I'll let this little two and a half minute bit speak for itself. Oscar nod worthy? I think so.

Find more videos like this on Soundtrack Fans
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Walking in the Rain.

Once again, a picture of Anna Paquin doing something normal. In fact, so normal that this is the exact outfit I was wearing yesterday. And the day before that, but whatever, it's finals week.

Love Anna Paquin.
Photo courtesy of Pacific.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SNL Goes to the Wolves.

EEEEEEEEKKKKK!!! Taylor Lautner! SNL Promos!


I bet it's gonna be funny.

Photo courtesy of JJ.

We The Kings CD Out.

We the Kings have just released their new album, "Smile Kid".

The group was at Pete Wentz bar last night (we'll forgive them that, they're musicians- struggling by definition) where they played an acoustic set to a packed house.

Check out their myspace to listen to new tracks.

Photo courtesy of JJ.

Dark Shadow's Set to Film.

Producer Graham King has revealed that the Tim Burton remake of the 1960's gothic soap opera "Dark Shadows" starring Johnny Depp is set to start filming in the fall of next year.

Johnny Depp has a lot on his plate- about four movies on the horizon that I can recall, inlcuding the fourth "Pirates" movie.

Cannot wait- my mom, sister and I watched "Dark Shadows" one night when we got it from Blockbuster. SO trippy. Not sure how they are going to manage to make it any darker.
Photo courtesy of Playlist.

All a Fleury.

So Pittsburgh Penguin's goalie Marc-Andrè Fleury was featured in Pittsburgh magazine for this month, and...what a cutie. My mom is dying over this right now. She loves Marc-Andrè. If she could trade me in for him, she would. But I'm too lazy to be a professional athelete. And uncoordinated.

"I just love to play hockey," Fleury says. "I love to be around the guys. Since the off season was so short, I didn't get in to the gym as much as I would have liked. I wanted to put on a little weight, but I can't wait to get back to work and do what we can to do this again."
Anyways, more pics below. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of PITT.

Is There Nothing We Could Do?

Badly Drawn Boy has completed their soundtrack to the British TV comedy/drama film, "The Fattest Man in Britain".

Starring Timothy Spall and Bobby Ball, the film is "inspired by real events" and follows a man aiming for the fattest man in Britain title and the sleazy agent who is helping him cash in. The film is set to air in the UK on 1TV1 on Dec. 20.

Here's the track listing:
1. Opening Theme
2. Is There Nothing We Could Do?
3. A Gentle Touch
4. All The Trimmings
5. Welcome Me To Your World
6. Guitar Medley
7. Is There Nothing We Could Do? (Reprise)
8. Big Brian Arrives
9. Amy In The Garden
10. Been There, Verified
11. Just Look At Us Now
12. Wider Than A Smile
13. Piano Theme
14. The Letter
15. I’ll Carry On

Gaga Meets the Queen.

Yeah this happened. Because England is so...cutting edge. You know Queenie loves her 'Poker Face'.

But more importantly, doesn't Gaga's dress look like the bastard child of Briney Spears' outfit in "Oops I Did It Again" and something out of Anne of Green Gables? You Anne Shirley fans know how she loves her puffy sleeves.

But really. This gives me absolutely no hope for the world.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

Mentos Moment Gone Wrong?

I guess models can't wear anything. Lily Cole in a...pant suit? At the premiere of "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus", which she has a part in. I feel like this is one of those Mentos commercial moments, except she fugged it up real bad. See below.

Apparently she never wants to work again.

Photo courtesy of Fug.

Staying Politically Correct

I found this video funny. We love Johnny Depp, but these kids are scary... to say the least. Like, I might have nightmares about that. For real. One of the kids even looks like Hitler! Depp handles himself very well, because I would have either wet myself or I'd be scared to death. These are kids Japanese- greeting him on Public Enemies. I bet I'd be a super star in Japan. Tall and black, I could probably pass for Michelle Obama. It's been scientifically proven that we have trouble distinguishing people of a different race (from ourselves) apart.

He's totally lying when he calls them cute and sweet. They look demented an murderous.

Ok, I was totally like, 'what is she talking about? They're so cute!' Then the music started. NIGHTMARES. I will be having nightmares tonight. I need to watch "The Goonies" again so I don't run screaming from the next Asian kid I see on the street.

Cory Monteith's Bachelor Pad.

Best line: "I grew up in a disadvantaged, cold place called Canada." then later, "we all have polar bears for cats."

First of all, Cory Monteith is way too tall to be wearing those shorts. They're boardering on the capri territory. It's awk, but I love him despite it.

Second of all, love how this is just SUCH a bachelor pad. I mean, look at the couches, the Rat Pack stuff and they have two living rooms. It's like they looked up bachelor pad in the dictionary. Such a random, ordinary place for a camera crew to go to. I bet it's easy to find. Sorry, excuse that little bit of crazy.

Also, I think he was trying to pull off a little Paula Deen action with that, "You want some chicken?" but there was just NO dedication. It's "Y'all want some chicken?" Very important difference.

I really want to hang out at his house. Looks like fun, and they give you chicken.

Kardashians Be Acting Crazy. Again.

I have asked myself this many a time, but what's one more: what the hell is wrong with Khloe Kardashian?

This is a sneak peek of an upcoming episode that US Weekly posted. 

I mean, I really don't care one way or the other about any of them, and I never liked that Scott guy, but even I was getting nervous with the way she was man (because she is a man) handling Kourtney. I mean, girl is pregnant and said she was tired. Back off.

Then when her fiancee came to help her, as a good fiancee should, Khloe slaps him? Plus I'm pretty sure she's a little tipsy. I hate these people, and I really need to make sure my grandmother stops watching this show, it's a bad influence.

New Hockey Love: Wayne Simmonds.

While he's not a Penguin, I feel pretty safe in declaring my love for L.A. Kings player Wayne Simmonds. The Kings are first off not in the same conference, and secondly will not be going to the Stanley Cup finals anytime soon. Barring some sort of movie-inspiring Cinderella story that is. So I'm sure Sid, Max, Jordan and Kris won't mind too much.

It's times like this when I wonder how I could have ever thought the Canadian accent was totally off putting and annoying. Well, it irks a little, but who cares? Anyways, Wayne is 21, from Ontario, had his rookie season last year and is kicking ass this year- literally. He's known as a bit of a fighter. He is also one of the few black players in the league.

Anyways, click here to watch a video where Wayne talks about memories from his days of being drafted. So hot. So so hot. Below is a video of a Pens/Kings game where Malkin pulls a move that looks more like his buddy Ovechkin, one that might have gotten him suspended if it had been in the past few months- they've really been cracking down on this kind of thing. 

Joshua Radin at Legends.

I went to go see Joshua Radin at Legends on Saturday night. It was alright.

Not that his music wasn't good, but the entire time I was there, I was thinking, 'I wish I was at a Matt Costa concert...' because really, Joshua Radin is good, but he's just a poor (wo)man's Matt.

Also, I did some research before we went to the concert (because normal people always treat a concert like an assignment...right?) and totally, totally called that he would be full of himself. He thinks he's real cool. Also, if I hadn't of known beforehand that he was 35 years old, I would have thought 25- tops. Maybe 15. We came to the conclusion that at best it's a cocky frat boy stage persona.

Another thing- boy loves his Bob Dylan. He sang "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", but in the way that John Mayer thinks he's Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joshua Radin thinks that he's Bob Dylan.

While the stuff he did from his album that's out was kind of sleepy, I attribute that to the fact he probably wrote it as a one person guy. The new stuff he did was great- really upbeat, definitely way more diverse than his previous stuff. So, basically, the moral of the concert is to watch out for Joshua Radin's next album.

Photo courtesy of Legends.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dress Pulls Kate Hudson from the Rack.

"Nine" premiered in London last night, and this was Kate Hudson's dress.

It's cute. Let me start out by saying that. However, it does also look like if she took it off, it could stand on it's own. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it's one of those, 'wear the dress, don't let the dress wear you' situations.

This dress is wearing her.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

Glee Goes to Sectionals.

Hey Gleeks. This is the week we've been waiting for- Sectionals. If I'm not mistaken, "Glee" is disappearing for a while after that to make room for "American Idol".

Is Fox really that dumb? AI is a dying show. "Glee" is on the rise. Anyways, here is a sneak peek at Wednesday's episode!

16 Going on 40 Year Old Groupie.

I dyed my hair this color once. It looked terrible on me too, but Lord I hope better than this. And what is on her foot? Is that a boot?

And as for the stone washed jeans...we still remember that you're sixteen Miley. Despite your best efforts, you haven't been able to convince us that you're a used and abused 40 year old washed up groupie.

Photo courtesy of INF.

The True Anna.

Anna Paquin shopping at Whole Foods in L.A. today. Anna recently returned after shooting her movie "The Romantics" in New York.

I love it when celebs go do something normal looking normal. Someone needs to tell Jessica Simpson that a trip to the store isn't a walk down the red carpet.

Love Anna Paquin! More "True Blood" please? Soon? I am jonesin' bad.
Photo courtesy of Pacific.


UC's football team went undefeated this season!! They claimed the Big East Championship and accepted bid to the BCS' Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on New Years Day. Where they will of course face one of my favorites, the Florida Gators.

Of course, we here at popYEAH! are throwing our support wholly behind the Cincinnati Bearcats and their coach (for now, tbd) Brian Kelly!

Okay, intro isn't as legit as ND, but bare with us. We're learning... and winning.

Go 'Cats!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Blake Live.

So Blake Lively was on SNL last night. She was alright. Once again, she was all legs, boobs and hair. It was kind of hard to get past that. Opening monologue was terrrrible. She did almost nothing- when they bring out more than 3 cast members in the opener, you know you're in trouble.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Taylor and the Times.

Taylor Swift in The New York Times Style magazine. Taylor turns twenty the week after next- doesn't time just fly? Weird. We're like the same age. I feel horribly unaccomplished.

Pictures and video from the shoot after the jump.

More Baby News!

So much baby news lately! is reporting that Amy Adams is expecting her first child with fiancee Darren Lagello. The two have been together for seven years and met in 2001 in an acting class.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Girl!

Maya Rudolph and husband, director Paul Thomas Anderson, announced today that they have welcomed their second child, and second girl, named Lucille. Wonder if she is named after famed comedienne Lucille Ball?

Lucille was born on November 6 in Los Angeles and joins older sister Pearl.
Photo courtesy of People.

Take a Breather

Don't worry, I couldn't read it either.  But, Miley's tattoo reads "Just Breathe". First, I hate this place. Like, why get a tattoo under your boob? Where's the symmetry in that? Next, is anyone shocked that this girl has a tat? Not, me. Everyone has a tattoo - they're "in". And, since she's only 17, someone had to sign off on this. Miley's parents had to sign off on this ugly thing.

Photo Source

James on Performance Art.

James Franco. I really can't gush about him anymore, it's getting embarrassing. But he wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal today, basically explaining his decision to go on "General Hospital". Something about performance art. I haven't been able to read the whole thing yet because my eyes keep drifting up to his picture, but I'll get there eventually.

It's called, "A Star, A Soap and the Meaning of Art: Why an appearence on General Hospital qualifies as art." Click here to read it yourself. Ironically, the 'what is art?' question is also one that has been popping up on GH in reference to his character, Franco. Tagging and pictures of grotesque crime scenes is Franco's bag, and he refers to killer for hire Jason Morgan as another artist. What is the difference between art and garbage?

See, soaps do teach us things.
Photo courtesy of WSJ.

The Tale of Jake, Pittsburgh and the Terrible Towel.

In possibly the funniest interview I have seen in a while, Jake Gyllenhaal on Jimmy Kimmel explains his experience in Pittsburgh, and his newfound love for the Steelers, which he also shows to us (wink wink) if you know what I'm saying.

I don't even know what I'm saying. Just watch the clip, you'll get it. Thanks to reader Megan S. for bringing this clip to our attention.

Cover Babies.

Hmm. I don't know about THIS. Don't celebrities try to shield their children from the spotlight? I don't know many children under five who have already been on the cover of Elle magazine, do you?

Plus her head is at a strange angle. I think it's supposed to be maternal, but it just looks painful.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Jordan Talks about Sidney.

ESPN, we appreciate your interest in hockey, but if you have Jordan Staal on the phone, don't spend two minutes talking to him about Sidney Crosby, and the other two minutes asking him questions out of hockey for dummies. Hmm. Maybe the mean finals Courtney is starting to come out. Well, at least they're trying. Check out the interview below and decide for yourselves.

And FYI, that's a mouth guard in Jordan's mouth. He's not missing teeth or anything. Haha yet- the season is still young my friends!

That being said, the Pens defeated the Colorado Avalanche last night 1-4, with goals by Sidney Crosby, Bill Guerin, and two empty net goals by Jordan Staal and another by Sidney Crosby. An assist on the Guerin goal gave Sid 11 points in three games with his hat trick against the New York Rangers a week ago. Now this is the point where I do what I hated on ESPN for doing- sorry Jordan dearest, switching over to Sid now.

 Over the summer Sid switched to a one-piece composite stick, which the article I read assures me is a sign of his decision to shoot more, and about this change of attitude, he said:
"I feel like I think 'pass' first most times. So if I can think 'shoot' a little bit more, hopefully, that will open both and keep guys guessing," Crosby said. "I'll, hopefully, be a threat either way."
You gotta love the guy for wanting to share, right?

Plus he isn't suspended and out almost a hundred grand like that dope Alex Ovechkin (Washington Capitols). I'm glad mercilessly injuring people is the only way Ovechkin knows how to win- it makes it easier for him to be the bad guy.

Photos courtesy of Pitt Post Gazette.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Johnny Depp and Pancho Villa.

Johnny Depp is apparently in "advanced negotiations" to star in Emir Kusturica's "Seven Friends of Pancho Villa and the Woman with Six Fingers," a biopic about...well, Pancho Villa.

Johnny Depp would be a great Pancho Villa, non? Kind of doofy, but in a great way. Actually, pretty much like Jack Sparrow without the pirate. Selma Hayek is set to star as well, most likely as the 'Six Fingered Lady'. Javier Badem was also supposedly in talks at one point, but his involvement now is unknown.

However, with Depp busy filming "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" and "The Tourist" until 2010, it isn't set to film until 2011. 
Photo courtesy of Playlist.

Christmas Going Gleek.

"Glee" cast members Amber Riley, Mark Salling and Cory Monteith joke a little coming into New York City for a TJ Maxx Carol-oke contest on Wednesday. Good to know "Glee" kids don't think they're too cool for the little things.

I am suddenly overcome with the need to get super competitive over Christmas, a la Chevy Chase.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Forget Livestrong, Be Stillerstrong.

I think this is pretty self explainatory. If you want to purchase yourself a Stillerstrong headband, click here.

Jessica Simp...I Mean, Amanda Bynes.

Oh Amanda Bynes. What happened to you? Once you were a normal, fun, goofy girl, and now you look like a Jessica Simpson knock off. It makes me feel super ill, and I can't defend her anymore.

I don't really respect Cosmopolitan anyways. Eh, give me Marie Claire any day.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Of Course, Jacksonville

This kid's from our hometown. I should be disappointed, but Jax is full of idiotic hicks. Not, ignorant, but idiotic. The doll is clearly not saying the "f word," and this is clearly not the first time the child's heared that word. I hate Ken Amaro and his damn bow tie. God help Jacksonville.


La Bamba Levitt.

La Bamba from Scott McGehee & David Siegel on Vimeo.

This is a video Joseph Gordon- Levitt put up on his blog, hitRECordjoe, and apparently it was filmed on the set of his movie "Uncertainty". Notice how they, like everyone else in the world, barely know the words. "La Bamba" is a great, yet confusing song.

Here is his comment on it:
I’ve never seen so many people on a set ALL join in with spontaneous revelry in the middle of a work day.  And I’ve been on a lot of sets.  This is the spirit that made UNCERTAINTY the movie it is.  I do recommend it.
BTW, It did really great it’s opening weekend in NY, it’s gonna expand to more cities now, and I’m pretty sure you can still watch it On Demand, however that works. 
 He kind of thinks he's the creative shiz, but...I can't seem to hate him for it.

One of Nylon's Best.

Hillary Duff must be thanking her lucky stars that "Gossip Girl" came around. Best career move since Lizzie McGuire. Magazine covers weren't exactly a dime a dozen before that.

Love Nylon. Their covers are really unique, and this one is one of their best. Love what she's classic.

Yeah, I need to go run out and get this.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Reality TV Star Much?

Dear Khloe Kardashian,

You're a freaking reality television star! Get over yourself.

Theo Marshall
Photo Source

Pattinson Sans Sparkle.

Here are some sneak peek pictures of Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan in "Remember Me".

Hmm. At least he's not sparkling.
Photos courtesy of Perez.