Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Really, What Is It?

I'm not sure whether or not I have mentioned my dislike for Alexa Chung previously on popYEAH!

In short, I find her to be over hyped; I don't understand what she has done to earn fame. Didn't her show only last like two years? But, she does have beautiful skin and is style icon for many of my friends. So, cheers to her for making her 15 minutes last.

Sadly, there's nothing good to say about the July 2011 cover of British Vogue. She looks awful! They totally Rumer Willis-ed her. I'll hand it to the photographer and creative director for managing to capture the unique combination of teenage boy, expressionless expression, bed head, and protruding collar bones. I really hope this is not 'Summer Chic.


We've talked about it I think, because I love Alexa! Totally pro- Alexa. But I completely agree with you here, she looks like shite. Who gave her lolly-pop head? Travesty. She's a gorgeous girl who it would take a lot of effort to make less pretty. A lot. Fail on whoever did this.

Photo courtesy of Go Fug Yourself

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