Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revenge is Best Served Wearing a Kick-Ass White Dress

Taylor Swift is the grand master of revenge-seeking women everywhere. So this may look like a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress, but actually it's an awards-show sized eff you to Harry Styles. 

The hand defiantly on the hip, smokey eye, plunging neckline -- this outfit is a carefully constructed "take a good, long look at what you're missing you British ponce." 

Today she tweeted from inside the studio, and I just have a feeling that One Direction boy should be shaking in his slouchy, looks like he's had them forever, but really they were $1000 boots. The tide is turning. This next album will be a test for tweens everywhere. 

Sisters before misters? Oh, where will their loyalties lie. Only time will tell, and most likely, whose album is better. 

My bets are on Taylor. In the end, she always gets her man. Literally -- at this point, you'd think people would be cautious about dating her. 

Just formed a new theory: she pulls a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to get new songs. Lures them in, and then forces them away for song material. 

I would totally watch that movie.