Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ADA of Michigan Is a Bigot. Andy is Awesome.

This would be offensive if this dude wasn't so off the wall crazy. And homosexually repressed himself. I mean- so obviously closeted right? This is why you don't send your kids to those 'summer camps'. They turn out like THIS. Is being a nutball really better than being an openly gay man?

I'll answer for you- NO. Theo and I were skyping when we watched this- convo as follows.
Theo: watching now
Courtney: this guy is a freak. Totally closeted...and andy looks so fly
Theo: i love anderson. sometimes i cant watch the 360 because he distracts me from the issues
Courtney: agreed. i just always agree with what he says
Courtney: "i sense a lot of anger in your voice anderson, and i don't know where that's coming from"
Theo: this guy is clearly gay
Courtney: Totally. And he's saying these tactics are 'par for the course'? absolutely not

It was basically just 'he's so crazy, but Anderson is so awesome' from then on out. Seriously though- Andy's outfit? Da bomb.

And we both agree- you can't defend against the definition. That's solid gold baby.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hollywood Hunk.

Ok...I wouldn't fight it.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What Can I Say?

Really...what is there to say about Lindsay's mug shots? One through four, they're all very different. One is her first booking. High off of her ass, after chasing down her assistant and keeping hostages in her car. Four, taken this week, there's nothing. No emotion. Clearly, she knows how to work the camera. I just don't what to say about Lohan anymore. The girl is an addict, even though know one around her seems to think so. She needs help.
Photo Source 

She's blond in all of them. Connection? Maybe.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steven Colbert on C-Span 3.

Ok this is hilarious. And he totally keeps in character the entire time. I love it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Uncle Jesse on Glee!

His Dr. Carl looks sooooooo funny! Best guest star so far? We'll see.

Best Moment from JS

So, I'm addicted to Jersey Shore. At school, there's a weekly gathering dedicated to it and another Thursday night show. Last night's episode was pretty legit. Not the best, not the worst. Totally typical. Sitch was trying to hook up with a girl that was DTF in a club bathroom, but got caught. Angelina was called a Dirty Lil Hamster...which explains why it was trending last night. And, then there was this. My favorite thing about JS is that some of the shit they do,  I could totally do with my friend. The stuff they crack up at, usually has us rolling when we watch. At the end of the day, there just a bunch of kids (sans the situation and pauly d) trying to have a good time.

The video below was that moment from this week's episode. T shirt time will now become a thing.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What the Eff?

Is in her hair? Hillary Clinton went out with that thing in her hair...  just don't know what to say about this. It's so awful. She wants to be president... of this country. Until she hires a stylist, I'll vote against her solely based on principle.


Monday, September 20, 2010

It's Britney, Bitch

Okay, it's Theo. But, I like the way her name sounds better. It's Theo, Bitch... Not the same... at all. So, I guess I'll catch yall up on my life. I'm currently watching Gossip Girl. There's a new/old love triangle between Dan, Nate and Blake Lively. Yup, I know what I said. If the show was based on this picture, I don't think it would be a tough choice. Anyway, I'll be posting regularly for now on. And, by regularly I mean at least three a week.

Photo Source

Leo is Part of the Fighting Irish.

AGHHHHHHHH Leo DiCaprio wearing a Notre Dame cap? So sweet. It makes me feel automatically cooler.
 Leo wore it both leaving Premiere nightclub in West Hollywood, California and earlier while going through Vancouver International Airport, probably coming from TIFF, he wore what I think is a Xavier cap. I've got the shirt so...I'm a bit cooler than Leo?

Yeah, no. Still got me beat.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Sunny" Tackles the Gay Issue.

So freaking hilarious.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

B Dubs.


"It better be my face you're looking at buster. Not these golden girls." DAMN. She is the bomb. I want to be her- not in 60 years, but right now. I would trade 60 years of my life to be as BAMF as Betty. Sorry- B dubs.

I have to go buy one of those t shirts now.

Lose the Guido.

Take a last glimps of the guidos ladies- GQ transformed (eh not so much) the MVP + Ronnie crew into respectable, GQ worthy gents in their latest issue as part of their "Project Upgrade".
Actually they all pretty much look the same, except for Pauly D. How dashing is his new hair? I love it. Frank Sinatra would approve, non? He should definitely make the change. If Snook can lose the poof, Pauly can lose the...whatever you'd call that thing.

Ronnie still looks like a total vanook though. I don't know what that word means, so don't ask me. My cousins use it all the time, and it seems to fit. Maybe I even just made it up, but seriously, he looks like such a vanook, non?

Mike "The Situation" had an interesting tale to tell the mag: "It was my birthday this weekend, and these girls put cake on my body and ate it off," reveals the guy who only thinks he's a huge stud. "One girl said, 'You have the nicest chest I ever ate cake off.' I got pictures to prove it. I'll send 'em to you."


Monday, September 13, 2010

Be My Valentine.

Oh my Lord. I cannot wait to see "Blue Valentine". Although I have to be honest, Michelle Williams kind of annoys the eff out of me. She is super pretty though. Maybe I just can't forget her as bitchy Jen from "Dawson's Creek"?

Whatever. Who even cares about her? We've got Ryan to look at. He's so BA- I mean, he gave himself a tattoo. How sexy is that?
 This interview is out of W magazine, and comes with a delicious photo shoot. 

LH: Do you spend a lot of time online?
MW: I actively stay away from reading about myself. But I am a slave to my computer. I don’t think that’s good—would Tolstoy even have written Anna Karenina if there were an Internet? I hate myself when I e-mail. E-mail is like a dopamine hit—you wait for it and then you get it. I gave up my computer during my last movie, Meek’s Cutoff, which is a period piece about a woman on the Oregon Trail. I took to letter writing. My girlfriends got some great letters. But when it ended I was back on e-mail. I’m an addict.
LH: In Blue Valentine, out December 31, you and Ryan Gosling have an extremely raw and very naked sex scene.
MW: We never rehearsed anything, and those were really dark days. We shot the beginning of our relationship first, and it was fun and alive. Then we did the sex scenes and it was…toxic. Ryan and I had stopped relating to each other as Ryan and Michelle. Those scenes took forever. I had a long drive from set to home each night, and I would roll down all the windows and turn up the music as loud as I could and hang my head out the window like a dog and scream. It was my escape.
LH:Did you get nervous during those scenes?
MW: When I work I’m not nervous. Work is this fabulous free zone. There’s no judgment. My problems arrive when I’m not working. At a photo shoot, for instance, I feel like a sham. I feel like they’re trying to cover up what’s wrong with me. It’s probably not true, but just my dirty mind at work.

Now Ryan gets to talk...
LH: Ryan, you’re from Canada, but you seem distinctly American. You don’t have a Canadian accent.
Ryan Gosling: As a kid I decided that a Canadian accent doesn’t sound tough. I thought guys should sound like Marlon Brando. So now I have a phony accent that I can’t shake, so it’s not phony anymore. I’m going for the Madonna thing, the Lady Gaga thing—a phony accent that becomes your trademark.
LH: And you have interesting tattoos—they look like you got them in prison.
RG: I like when they look bad, but no one will do bad tattoos. So I did one myself. That’s why it’s bad. I’m waiting to get old—I think old guys with tattoos look good.

H: Did you like being a Mouseketeer?
RG: I wasn’t happy on the show, but I was happy to not be going to school, to be working. More than the show, Disney World made a big impression on me. I still go to Disneyland as much as I can. The Haunted Mansion is my favorite ride. I first rode it when I was 12 or 13, and when I came around the corner and all those ghosts were dancing, it made death look like it would be fun. The Mouseketeers didn’t end up using me very much, which felt awful, but the park had a big impact on me. Disney had this dream, and you could experience it. I loved the attention to detail. There’s a lesson in that.
LH: Your latest movie, Blue Valentine, is an intense depiction of a romance. The movie is extraordinarily intimate—it almost feels like a documentary. Was it difficult to make?
RG: It took forever; for four years Blue Valentine would be ready to go, and then the film would fall apart again due to financing or timing. It was always me and Michelle [Williams]—I think Michelle was involved for five or six years. Finally, the planets aligned and we shot it last summer in Pennsylvania. The director, Derek Cianfrance, had us living as these characters. If, for instance, today was a fighting day, we would just pick fights with each other all day. Once, I fell asleep in the middle of a take, and we filmed through it. After I woke up, Michelle said, “We did the scene, and we filmed you sleeping on the couch.”
LH: How about the sex scene? The couple is fighting, and it’s the angriest, most realistic sex scene I’ve seen in a film in years.
RG: You mean the trying-not-to-have-sex sex scene? It was hard…a lot of times actors can trick people into thinking something is happening when it’s not happening, and we had to call ourselves out on anything that didn’t feel honest. Actors become very professional and proficient about watching out for each other’s light and not stepping on each other’s lines. All of these things are artificial, and you have to strip that away if you’re going to achieve a sense of intimacy. In real life sex is messy, and we wanted to get at that wonderful messiness.

To read the rest, click here. 
Photos courtesy of W

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Here We Go Again...

What will happen tonight? Something has to, MTV's ratings depend on it. Will Kanye confront Taylor? Will Taylor sing a song about Kanye???

He's been tweeting his remorse- probably egging on the hype more than the gossips.

Have I mentioned I was on his side? Beyonce really did have the better video, and I've heard from some good sources that Taylor is a demanding be-yotch. Ie a friend who was assigned to be her bodyguard/bitch boy at the ND game last week.

We soon shall see.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Country Strong? Maybe.

I'm surprising myself here, but I might actually want to go see this movie. I mean, it's the first movie Gwen has done in a while, so it's got to have something, right?

I also love seeing Leighton Meester getting put in her place. Ok, and the guy is hot. Eww, the young one, not Tim McGraw you sick freaks. I know what you were thinking.

Comes out December 22.

Alexa Back in Action.

Alexa Chung for Madewell. Have we not been waiting for this day for so long? I can't shop. I can't.

I have dreadfully missed my Alexa since her show was-untimely and cruelly- cut from MTV. Probably so they could make room for more Jersey Shore reruns. Ugh.

Her line will be in stores starting September 11.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sidney Crosby Can Do Everything. Officially.

IS THIS A FREAKING JOKE??? Is there anything he can't do? Really? Anything?

There must be something. I'm going to figure out what it is. Or else the next Chuck Norris is going to be Sidney Crosby.

Give a Little More.

I've been newly obsessed with Maroon 5 since "Misery" came out, especially these past few weeks because I've been on the working out thing, and their music is just so perfect for working out, non? They make misery sound so damn fun.

Anyways, this new video totally keeps up with their awesomeness. I'm very happy.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hola Henry!

Henry Cavill anyone? He's shooting some shirtless scenes for his new movie "The Cold Light of Day" in Javea, Spain.

The 27-year-old British star plays a cocky young Wall Street trader who reluctantly vacations with his family in Spain. When his family is kidnapped, he is thrust into a government conspiracy and must unravel his father’s darkest secret in order to save his loved ones.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Resident Good.

I love Wentworth Miller. Let's just sit and listen to him talk for a minute, shall we?

Good Times Are Ahead...

I am so excited for SNL to start. Hopefully it will not suck again this year. Amy Poehler should be good. Will baby daddy Will Arnett make an appearance?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Emma Stone's Outfit.

I want this outfit. Who can help me get it?

I think Emma Stone might be a new style icon.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Jo Bro's Luv Them Some Mel Gibson.

This is actually pretty hilarious. Maybe the Jonas Brothers are OK.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tamara Drewe.

This movie, "Tamara Drewe", actually looks pretty interesting- especially whatever is going on with Dominic Cooper.

Who doesn't love a good nose job fairy tale? This is the stuff we grew up on. Although I have to say, I could do without the Scott Pilgrim-esque comic book reference.

Really Jesse James? Really.

Can't Cleveland catch a break?

Back off Jesse James. The good people of Cleveland don't deserve this.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Touchdown Taylor.

The first Notre Dame football game of the season was exciting. Peaceful even. Except for one person- Taylor Swift. Every time a phone buzzed, it was a new Tay Tay sighting. She was escorted around campus with her own personal golf cart, just like last year when she and her brother, Austin, who is currently a freshman, were touring the campus.

Here's the funny thing- she brought Selena Gomez with her. You probably spotted her in the picture. No one really cared.

That's Selena you see on the left, and her bro Austin on her right. I hear he's a d-bag, but no confirmed proof, so we'll see. You notice she and Selena have matching visors, how adorable.
Apparently Taylor requested to sit in the student section with her brother, according to Chicago Breaking Sports, and was denied by ND officials. A smart move- she's obviously never seen the cram session that is the student section. So she was sitting right in front of my section but on the field (how nice) and an eyewitness (my friend Megan) said she "kept looking back at the student section like, 'notice me! notice me!' But no one cared because everyone was watching the game at that point" Now that's just one person's interpretation. But it's pretty much how it went down. Only football could have taken away from her presence on campus.

We won 23-12, if anyone cares.

Oh and apparently they went out to dinner at Rocco's after the game.
Photo courtesy of CHI. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

Probably the Most Perfect Couple Ever.

Apparently, Jesse James, who was heartbroken over his divorce not too terribly long ago, and "LA Ink" star Kat Von D, are "in love".

I guess Nazi bonds run deep.

"Jesse is only my ninth boyfriend. I don't hang out with anybody unless I am in love," Von D, 28, tells PEOPLE.

Asked if she feels James, 41, who split from wife Sandra Bullock earlier this year after being caught with a myriad of mistresses, might be "The One," Von D said, "I believe he is, so yeah."

Their relationship blossomed playing Scrabble. "We both realized how nerdy we were," Kat says. WHAT THE FRAK? How many points is s-t-u-p-i-d?

James gave the mag a simple "yes" when asked if he's happy. And his favorite thing about Kat Von D? "Everything."


Pens Sign Hillary...I Mean, Mike Comrie.

The Pens have signed forward Mike Comrie to their roster. You know what this means? HILLARY DUFF IN PITTSBURGH. Sweet. I know some girls who will be ecstatic, especially if other tween stars- aka the Jo Bros- follow.

They signed him for a years contract, worth $500,000.
“I think the biggest thing for me is that I’m excited to join a team that has some great players. Hopefully I can come in and complement them and be a guy that can help score and create some depth," Mike said. "I'm excited. It was definitely a hockey decision. There’s times in your career where you make a decision — I wanted to go to a great team and be a part of an organization like Pittsburgh and be able to compete for a Stanley Cup."
Can you imagine the kind of press this is going to bring the Pens? Sidney Crosby might be feeling a little shift of the limelight if Comrie's ball and chain is in the stands. This could be good or bad for those of us who are head over heels for him.

Lets just pray he doesn't get the marry the blonde starlet fever. I would freaking kill myself.


This little girl is supposedly being considered to play Edward and Bella's offspring, Renesmee. Ugh- Renesmee. I'm still not over it.

According to Model Management Group's Facebook page,
"Attached is a photo of Kayla and Daniel D... Kayla is the little girl up for the role of Bella's daughter in the new film in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Kayla is pictured with her adorable brother Daniel who has already had two castings since signing with us this month! Daniel will be submitting a video audition for another role in the Twilight film! Good Luck guys!!!!"
 Ugh. This birthing scene is really going to mess me up, I can tell. Bella can't just have a normal birth of course. She has to sacrific for her child.

Give me a break.
Photo courtesy of celebuzz.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby for Mad Men Star.

Ok, they may be the CUTEST couple I have ever seen in my life. Rich Sommer, who plays ad exec Harry Crane on "Mad Men" and his wife Virginia, have announced the arrival of a son!

The new son, named Patrick Ryan Sommer, was born on Tuesday, August 31, in Los Angeles. Weighing in at 7 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches long, he's the Sommers second child -- they also have two-year-old daughter Beatrice.

"We are loving hanging with our happy, healthy baby boy, and appreciate our family and friends joining us in celebrating this exciting time,” said Sommer, 32, in a statement. “Also, he looks way better than I do in a onesie.”

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.