Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not Engaged.

Ok now that he's not all "Slumdog" Dev Patel has filled out a little bit and wow has it made all the difference.

They are my favorite couple of the moment. It's a big honor. Unfortunately they're not getting engaged- yet.

Dev's mother read rumors on the Internet that he was about to make it official, and "I was like, Mum, 'I didn't – trust me,'" said the British-born Patel, speaking to People magazine. "Nothing's happened. Everything is fine. I'm just shooting a film."

Still, while he isn't planning on marrying Pinto, he has nothing but good things to say about her. "She's very inspiring to me and just great support. She's a great friend and amazing."
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

I Miss the Duck Phone.

I am so FREAKING excited about The Jersey Shore. I'll refer to what Theo said last night- "It's time for the Jersey Shore to be on." So true. It's half past time. We need some GTL in our lives.
And some of the Situation. Up to his old tricks, gotta love it.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll Give You This One

Few months ago, John Mayer promised fans he would tune down the jerk thing he's been working the past through years. After he dated Jessica Simpson, Mayer was barely tolerable. God, but after Jennifer Aniston- I had to stop listening to his music.

But, John Mayer tries to be funny. It worked this time. Fans "coyly" snapped a picture of him. He posted the pic on his site with the caption "You are not slick." Loves it. And, what the eff is on these girls heads? One girl with a fedora... okay. But, two sitting together. Just stupid.

I'm loving the smile on his face.


Ok, I laughed out loud when I saw this. This is hilarious. Especially when I went to his site and saw his description: 
"John Mayer has written over 30 self help books and lives in Nantucket with his wife Eileen and two sons, Max and Sergio. They have a dog named Brisket."
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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Office Minus Michael?

Steve Carrell has confirmed that after next season he will be parting ways with "The Office" and...while I saw it coming, I'm sad. What is the "The Office" without Michael? I am lost. No idea what will become of it.

“I want to fulfill my contract,” he shared. “I think it’s a good time to move on.”

He also said he wanted to spend time with his family.

Jersey Shore ON the Jersey Shore.

The Jersey Shore did a "Rolling Stone" cover shoot on...where else, the Jersey Shore.

I never realized that there were so many of them. Angelina really needs to leave again. She sucks. And is lame. So double whammy, she needs ta go.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Celebs.

Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger shared a booth at yesterday's US-Ghana World Cup game. Katie Couric was there too, which was weird. And Bill Clinton felt the need to pat her on the head, which I don't understand.

I guess there's some sort of bro code which prohibited them from acknowledging another alpha male in the vicinity, because I looked at every single picture of them from the recognition at all. Nothing. Not even a respectful nod.
Photo courtesy of Yahoo.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Break Me Off.

Delta Spirit "Bushwick Blues" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.
Time to cut the celebrity crap non? Let's take a music break. Dance party y'all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Resistance is Futile.

Um...did a robot inhabit her body and do this cameo? Bristol Palin should stick to her day job. Whatever that is. Yeah, she should just stick with being Sarah Palin's teen mom daughter.

...and when did "Secret Life" get even worse? Damn, I've missed a lot by getting a life.

Calling Kimonos.

I love love love this look! Kimono's are the new it thing. I'm calling it. In about a week, Kim Kardashian will be rocking one.

And then it's really on. They'll be bigger than jean shirts.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Lady Takes a Dive.

Too cool for you...
...what a loser.

Am I glad she finally tripped on her asinine Madonna rip-off heels? Yes. Do I think maybe she pulled a Kathy Griffin and did it to get attention? Possibly. Except unlike Kathy Griffin, if she DID do it, she wasn't trying to be funny- she was for real with that fake shit.
Photos courtesy of Celebuzz.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seinfeld Says.

Jerry Seinfeld is my HERO. Ahaha there's a reason he's a bazillionaire. He knows where it's at- Lady Gaga should take notes.

This woman’s a jerk," Jerry said in an interview with NYC's WFAN radio “I can’t believe they put her in my box that I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in now?”
"I don’t know what these people think or how they promote their careers," he said. "I’m older, I’m 56…I’m not one of these ‘all publicity is good’ people….Get an act—rhinestone bikinis and giving people the finger?" Jerry continued. "She is talented, I don’t know why she’s doing this stuff."

"You know, you take one ‘a’ off of that, you’ve got gag," Jerry concluded.

JUMP ON IT JERRY. He's the deal for real. I know Theo agrees with me. 
Photo courtesy of Yahoo.

Jersey Moon.

The Jersey Shore crew is spoof-ing "New Moon" for Jimmy Kimmel, which is hilar, I love it when they do that.

One thing- is it just me, or does the Situation look more like Sidney Crosby than Edward Cullen? Just saying. Maybe I'm crazy. Probably, actually.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Biker Chick Meets...Fugly.

This is my "I hate people" picture of the week. Miley Cyrus at MuchMusic.

Barf. Who does she think she is?

Ugh. I hate people. And mesh shirts. Gross.

Courtney is so white. Clearly, Miley is channeling an East L.A. Chola. Except, she's missing the drown on eyebrows. Again, Miley is stealing stuff that's already been done. Anyone remember when Gwen Stefani did this?

HOLD ON. First of all...yeah I have a question: how dare you? and what gives you the right? 

Second of all, the difference is, Gwen Stefani did it RIGHT. AKA awesome. Plus she was like, 28 before she was wearing stuff like this, and she didn't have that "come hither I'm a red neck's plaything" attitude. 
Photo courtesy of JJ.

London Calling.

Theo tried to convince me to see "Get Him to the Greek" after a weak moment when I said it looked kind of funny.

Here's my rule: is it 'kind of' funny, or is it $7 funny? Then I have to go through the trouble of sneaking food and Coke in my purse...movies these days have to be worth it.
After seeing this picture? Not worth it. Eh. I'll leave it for the bored frat boys.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Whole Year...and a Little Extra.

Theo and I just realized tonight...damn, we've been doing this a long time. How long you might ask? ONE WHOLE YEAR. Well, one year and seven days. We're those people who forget their own birthday dammit! And aren't you bad friends for not reminding us? Oh well, we forgive you. But for punishment, I'm going to link you back to our very first post. It's crude, but you have to start somewhere right? And it still holds true- Jordan Staal is totally the ish.

Happy one year birthday to popYEAH! It's been a great year, and trust, it's been a struggle, but well worth it. We're having fun and skewering celebs. Onto whatever the hell the world dreams up for year two baby! 

We didn't realize anything. I realized it and then mentioned it to you. :) Also, shout to Sarah Jose and her blog where it is eternally my birthday!!

Baseball Groupie Much?

This is why I hate the Yankees.

...and all I see here? A Madonna been there done that moment. Lady Gaga who?
Photo courtesy of Huff.

Retired at 24.

Amanda Bynes has quit acting.

I bet that lasts for about...four years. Maybe five. But the part of me (and it's a big part) that is so upset at the possibility of the next "She's the Man" not getting made.

The thing that bothers me- she TWEETED IT. Really?! You quit the job that you have had practically since birth, and you TWEET it. Really.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Vampire Doggy.

Ok I love Snoop Dogg. Ever since he was in "Starsky and Hutch" and ROCKED it. Now the fact that he loves "True Blood" makes me love him even more.

He's written a song called "Oh, Sookie" that takes place in 'Bon Temps'.

And quote: "We'll do it in the daytime, Bill won't know a thing."

Hhahaha he really wants to be on the show, and personally- I think he would make a SICK vamp. Sick as in awesome that is. I officially endorse that.

Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

My Summer Video

I love this song. It's not my summer song though, because summer songs have to be upbeat! And, this would be good for winter because I'm cooped inside and need to sing. But, I'm loving this video because Chad Michael Murray is doing what he does best: being a pretty face. I like the race relation theme too.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Scarf Lady?

Don't get me wrong. I love scarves. My mom has an amazing collection of them in pretty colors and various textures. But, she wears them with a matching outfit and not in place of proper grooming. Besides, the weird coat, oddly positioned scarf and her grandma watch.... Ashely looks pretty here.

Photo Source

Again, Really?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian attended last night's NBA Finals game seven between the Lakers and Celtics in LA. This is THE biggest game of the year. Like, there isn't a next week or game or practice after this one. The winners of this one are the best in the world. But again, Khloe and Kim can't be bothered to support their team. Even Mom Kris has a Laker jersey on. I get it - lots of celebs are there and you want to look your best but at least look like you want to be there. Goddammit, Khloe's married to a Laker- I'm sure she could get insane discounts if she needed them. Stop dressing to impress girls and dress to support.

Actually Theo, if you'll notice, they are both wearing black, and tan (see Khloe's shoes), a color that is nearly yellow, a Lakers color. I think this is as close as they will ever get. 

This stupid shiz starts early- none of the players wives/girlfriends ever wear team shirts or whatever. Even the girlfriend's I see courtside at ND basketball games are in like, black dresses. It's like the official "Wives" uniform. 

Photo Source

Jake Gets an Eyefull.

This is the luckiest ass in all of L.A. right now, and that's saying something.

Having Jake Gyllenhaal hate to see it go and love to watch it walk away on you? That's just about the biggest compliment I can imagine.

Wish it was me.
Photo courtesy of Huff.

A VERRRRRY Long Engagement

Here's Megan Fox at the launch for her latest film, Jonah Hex. I do not know or care what the film is about because I have no intention of paying to see it.

Recently, a few of our friends have been getting engaged, which is weird because most of our friends are between 16-23. And, honestly, the core ages are like 19, 20, and 21. Megan Fox is 24, so in theory, we could be friends. That's a four, five year difference that could be overcame. Megan Fox got engaged to Brian Austin Green (or BAG) at 20. Usually, I would hate long, long, long engagements like theirs, but I have to admit that I'm glad she's not rushing into anything. If BAG could have his way, I'm sure he'd lock her down in a heartbeat, honestly, what the fuck does he have going for him? Did you guys see him in Fox's How to Lose Friends and Alienate People. He was in the movie for five seconds- LITERRALY. FIVE. He was the guy that tapped her on the shoulder... that's it. I'm not sure if he was even credited for his role.

Okay, back to what I was saying, too many people I know are in a rush to get married. I'm glad to see that Megan Fox isn't or at least acts like she's not... People her/our age should just enjoy being out there.

Photo Source

Bad Moonshine.

This guy has obviously had some tainted moonshine (modern day translation= some bad meth) and that drawing? That's HIM. He drew his effing self, just taller. With a bigger beard. Jesus. Local effing news. Were there no kittens wandering the street or rain coming in that day? So they had to spend all their time "investigating" this?

Ok this is the shittiest piece of journalism I have seen since...ok come on, they obviously cut the cop's interview to make it sound like he thought something was up, but "just couldn't say anything on camera".

I hate local news stations. They suck. I love this mountain man though. He's awesome.

"So, I told him to get!", "It looked like he had six fingers on each hand," and, my personal favorite quote: "He had long, beautiful hair."

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

I can't tell you how happy I am they didn't stop making these after "Prince Caspian" kind of flopped.

They are so awesome, non?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Seeing It.

I'm not sure how I feel about this couple. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum... It's kind of Renee and Bradley. Like, but the opposite. Refined girl not so much guy... They've signed on to play a married couple in The Vow, we'll just have to wait.

Photo Source

Alexis's Dress is Love-ly.

Alexis Bledel looks so pretty here! I love it.

Ironically, she is at the premiere of "I Am Love" in New York City on Wednesday. The jacket is by alice + olivia  and is totally darling, non? 
Love the dress especially though. I would wear that.

I like how Alexis has slimmed down a bit. She looks a bit more mature.
Photos courtesy of JJ.

Anna Paquin Covers Self Magazine.

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how much I love Anna Paquin's bathing suit in this spread. The whole thing is just the best Self cover I have seen for a while. Gorgeously put together, and of course Anna is awesome.
I've even been inspired to start eating healthier.
One question though- why is she holding this awkwardly large Pug dog? That looks freaked the hell out. I know she has dogs, but I can't remember if this is one of them. I hope so. If not- bad choice Self staff.

Poor puppy. Cute dress.
Photos courtesy of JJ.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Makes No Sense!

An EAR tattoo? What the hell. It makes no sense. She got 'LOVE' tattooed inside of her ear... Seriously, I'm just so over this girl.

Why is her face a weird color? 
Photo Source

He Can What!?

It makes sense now. I've always been confused by Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. He's hot, she's an award-winning actress. On paper... it makes sense, but have you seen her? She's legit scary sense. Like, she just look like edges. But, I found out that Bradley Cooper is a graduate of Georgetown and is fluent in FRENCH?! What?! How did I not know this? I'm totally done. I'm in love for life, I thought it was for sure after The Hangover, but this seals it. He's in Paris with Renee and the cast of his newest release The A-Team. Bradley is probably speaking French and being sexy... I'm done.

Photo Source

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adopt Me

I wish Matthew McConaughey would buy me an official Brazilian World Cup jersey and adopt me. I know, I'm 19 and technically an adult, but I just want to be one of them.  I have never seen something so precious.

Photo Source

In Theory...

I like it. In practice, I'm not a fan. I give Jessica Biel the benefit of the doubt, always. I like that she always looks strong. But, she doesn't know how to dress herself. Like, she cannot wear these cutesy things. My mom always talks about when she was pregnant. All of the maternity clothes she could find had bows, like big cute bows. At that point, she was huge and the last thing she wanted was bow across her belly.

This is how I feel about Jessica. She's trying to force herself into clothes with bows when she should be wearing kick ass outfits. In her defense, she looks pretty.

Photo Source


This is it? This is the cover for next month's Vogue... this. Don't get me wrong. Marion Collitard is beautiful. That is to be said without question. But, Vogue has been leaving me wanting for more lately. Marion is an actor, not a model- but still, the expression on her face matches mine: DISSATISFIED. I'm not even sure if I can write more. Actually, I know I can't.

You're right- she looks kind of moony in a bad way. Love her dress though. Yeah, she's kind of freaking me out. 
Photo Source

Is That You?

Eric? Eric van der Woodsen? Um, wow. I did not see this coming... at all. I think he sort of wants to be the American Daniel Radcliffe. Both are cute, could be attractive if they were six inches taller. They both appear to be on the lesser end of 5'6". These are men Court could not marry. They're just too short, and I'm trying to give her kids a fighting chance. In real life, Eric is Connor Paolo. He's a month older than me. I'm starting to think Hollywood stunts your growth.
Connor should take some lessons from America's Next Model short season and learn to elongate his body. For realz, he's not helping his case.

Photo Source

Bieber Woos Us with Dolphins.

This is a joke right? Bieber, with a DOLPHIN. Is there anything more freaking adorable???

Thank goodness for that stupid running into the door incident(s)...otherwise this would just send me straight over the edge. As it is, I just want to kick Bieber away and play with that dolphin myself.

Finally, something cuter than him. Although 12 year old girls and probably my 20 year old roommate Michelle are freaking out right now and hitting their printers trying to get them to print this picture out faster.

...This dolphin might be to Bieber what that red bathing suit was to Farrah Fawcett.

Here are the rest- is anyone else weirded out by how close that photographer had to be? Obviously spell bound by the Bieber locks.
Justin Bieber was at Atlantis Resort for a private concert, and this is also the site where he did a photo shoot yesterday with that tramp Kim Kardashian.

Back off Bieber Kim. You don't know what these fanatic 12 year olds will do to you. Fear it.
Photos courtesy of BWE.

Hey Mickey.

Megan Fox has a new tattoo in honor of Mickey Rourke because of course, they are both celebs who march to the beat of their own drummer if you will. Yeah, that's a nice way to put it.
“I actually got a tattoo that is sort of in honor of him,” she revealed.  “It’s on my ribs [...] I just love him very much and think he’s very special.”
So weird. I'm dying to know what it says though. It will probably disappoint, but until then the possibilities are killing me. What does "sort of" in honor of him mean? Just not as obvious as "Mickey" in a big heart, or something no one will understand, so she can feel cool?

Probably the last one.
Photo courtesy of BWE.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Don't Turn Around...Alejandro.

So Lady Gaga makes me want to barf, so I didn't watch her "Alejandro" video until today, because it took me until right now to get over what "Bad Romance" did to my psyche.

It's "Don't Turn Around". It is a total, 2010 version of "Don't Turn Around" by Ace of Base, one of my absolute favorite 90s band ever.

Lady Gaga not so original? Not a suprise. Seriously- one of the youtube mashups is above. Not just me thinking this. 

She also says "Alejandro" just like ABBA says "Fernando", but that one is probably more of a stretch.

Get Zach an Emmy!

As everyone who reads this blog knows, we're huge HUGE Friday Night Lights fans. So naturally we are in l-o-v-e love with Zach Gilford. is pushing to get him nominated for an Emmy. Totally for this, so I decided we would officially promote it.

This is a link to their Facebook campaign. If Betty White can do it, this has got to do something, right? I mean, Matt has had to deal with a TON already this season- working for Panther Pizza, his dad (spoiler alert!) dying and mostly that idiot J.D. McDick riding around being generally an asshole.

Sorry. His real name is J.D. McCoy. I feel like I should clear that up for people who don't watch the show.
Photo courtesy of BWE.

Macchio Goes Rogue...Kind Of.

Ok this is hilarious. I wish this was a real movie, but unfortunately Funny or Die hasn't progressed that far yet. Le sigh. It also shows how awesome Ralph Macchio is.

What are our thoughts on Jaden Smith? Cool, or too cool for school?

Thanks Big Sis.

Lady Gaga's sister graduated from New York City's Covenent of the Sacred Heart, class of 2010.

...And this is how Lady Gaga showed up. Nice of her to stay under the radar, non? You know, let her sister have the attention for a day? She's a class act that Gagaloo.
Post courtesy of BWE.

New Favorite Man-Child.

Reed Alexander may be my new favorite man child ever. He is holding his own crazy with Kathie Lee and Hoda, who are just totally freaked out by him, which shows you how insane he probably actually is. Kathie Lee totally loses it near the end.

I can't tell if he's the next Richard Simmons, but like, for cooking, or a sociopath. I'm a little afraid of him.

He was BORN to host this TV show. I think Kathie Lee is scared shitless for her job. He is so ON.

Kelly's Soccer Bump.

Kelly Preston debut's her baby bump at the Fifa World Cup!

Preston and husband, John Travolta, made a visit and donation to the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund while in South Africa.

"Look Who's Talking" was on TV last night, and it just made me realize how much I love John Travolta all over again. Even though, as my sister said, "she's super old. There's something weird going on there." I am really happy for them. And looking forward to what they're going to name their baby, which is a first. 

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post. 

Miley Cyrus and the Creepy Dwarf.

"I just came back from Madrid"- Miley

"So did you just get back from Europe?"- Ryan Seacrest.


Here is my thought by thought commentary on the video:
Why does she sound like she's chewing tabacco or something? Tell me, what does she know exactly about girls being in abusive relationships? It seems to me like all the guys she has ever been with have been completely whipped because they needed her to become famous.

And news to Miley's mom and Ryan Seacrest- it's not a good thing to get younger every day. Did no one see Benjamin Button???

"Billy Ray better be having the Olympic Games with that." EW RYAN SEACREST YOU GROSS LITTLE GNOME. That's her mother, first off, and secondly...GROSS.

It makes me hate myself a little to say this, but...she's wearing a jean shirt. Just saying. Ugh. The self-loathing came more quickly than I thought.

"I don't listen to any pop music." Five minutes later... "I listen to Lady Gaga!" GURL. THAT IS POP MUSIC. POPULAR. POP. MUSIC.

And it's a little early in the day to start crying "my life isn't fair! I didn't get credit for stuff because Disney, the only reason I'm famous, held me back, but they can't hold me back anymore!"

Now I'm just super distracted by that red flashing light in a room in the background. What's up with that?

Now I'm wondering if those studs on her jacket could be used as a weapon.

Oh, creepy Ryan is back on the mom thing again.

...and there is a part 2. Sorry I can't do this to myself again.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Divided Dress.

Katy Perry, who is engaged to englishmen Russell Brand, wore this dress divided with the American and British flags after arriving at her hotel in London on June 13. She wore the game in honor of the tied 1-1 US v. England World Cup game.

Question: Where did her eyebrows go? Those are very drawn on.
Photo courtesy of JJ.

Jay and B Approved.

Aziz Ansari is so COOL.

You don't just get an awesome candid shot with the king and queen of hip hop and R & B without being declared officially freaking awesome!

I want to be friends with him so bad. Also, this was taken at Bonnaroo, where I really super want to be, so another reason to be jealous.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Miss You!

I miss this Penn Badgley. He wasn't trying to be sexy, and yet he is. Now, he's all emo and moody. I like old Penn. New Penn... not so much.

Photo Source