Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bachelorette: HOMETOWNS!

Love it. Probably the episode I look forward to the most, aside from the first one before they weed out all the crazy people. Lets be honest- episode one is like the line to audition to American Idol. There's some real nutters mixed in. Anyways.

Love Ben. So, so cute. He definitely wins the unexpected award- did not look at him twice to begin with.

Waiting for Ashley to say something about being protected and secure.

...and there it is. Really didn't have to wait long. So I guess that's infinity points for J.P., he makes her feel secure and protected. That's like the golden ticket for this girl. It's getting a little predictable.

Why is Ashley constantly effing with her bangs??? Cut them or leave them alone.

Ok I love the waitresses at Constantine's restaurant, they are hilarious. Yes, calling it: the waitresses are the best part of this episode. Which is saying a lot.

WTF. He has a Daaaammnn boi. Restaurant biz is treating his family nice.

Aww. They're a cute family. Weird though, how she pulled Ashley aside for a private chat while they were eating, I feel like there could be a better time for when everyone else was doing the dishes, for instance.

Oh Dad is a smart dude. Like him.

I thought that dog searing a dress was a small child. My bad. Actually, that is their bad.

Shameless ABC. Turning this into "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Ashley is really leading this family on. She's like, "I have to consider everyone" but doing that winking thing like, "You're totally in".

Amazing how all of these guys live in paradise. How does that happen? Nice hometowns all around.
Plaid shirt for the country boy. They are really playing this shit up. Ames gets caught in the middle- or maybe he just figured out how the game was played. Go Ivy League educations.

AGH! Ames' brother is so creepy looking!!! The babies are all creepy too- Ashley is totally not having it. She is literally thinking, "...but I want good looking, dancing babies".

Ew. Ames' sister is really into him.

Oh Lord. I have wanted to marry a man with a winery since Dennis Quaid in "The Parent Trap". #classics

Aw, I like Ben's sister. I am liking him more and more. Times like this, when his crying seems actually genuine, make me understand why I watch this.

Ooo. Nice boots J.P.

For real though, do none of these guys live in some shitty, seedy small town?
Oh this is actually really cute. And I definitely don't think she kissed any of the other guys like that.
WOW. Again, as if it needed to be repeated, J.P. is hot. Also his mom and dad are adorable. Love that mom ragged on him for being sunburnt.

I can't help but think about how much I wanted to meet Ryan's family. That would have been a trip. I miss him.

It really makes it look like a mass funeral when she stands in front of the pictures with the candles like that and everything.
Aw. Poor Ames was NOT expecting that. But really, with the creepy babies and brother, we all saw the 'Oh hell no' look on Ashley's face. She couldn't love an ugly baby. I loved Ames though. Le sigh, he was so nerdy.

"Now I'm back to sharing a lifetime of adventures with myself"-- Ok, that was hilarious.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Twixting Over Elle Fanning.

Elle Fanning obsession continues. She is working on Twixt with Francis Ford Coppola (love it) also starring Val Kilmer, who I am obsessed with, even if he has gotten chubs.

The flick "follows a hack horror novelist (Kilmer) as ghostly visions in a bizarre small town lead him to explore the murder of a young girl (Fanning)," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Coppola says the movie is inspired by the writings of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe, and has gotten him a spot at Comic Con this year. Oh, who I would kill to go. Jealous.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette- Ryan's Gone, Takes all the Fun with Him.

Wow Emily has gotten so southern belle in such a short period of time. Used to like her, now not so much.

The theme of this show: Ashley's parade of too short short skirts continues.

Weird how the six guys that are left are almost totally different. Interesting, I bet they appeal to six different demographics. Funny how that worked out.

Is that a kabbalah bracelet Ashley is wearing? Oooo she's so continental.

Did anyone else notice Ben was going the wrong way on that motorway? The arrow was clearly pointing the opposite way that he went.

OK SERIOUSLY if I hear Ashley say 'protected' one more time, I'm going to kick her off of that moped while it's moving.

Aww, I know I said I couldn't tell the difference between Constantine and Ben, but Ben is starting to grow on me. I might like him the best. J.P. is going overboard with the "I want Ashley to myself" act- because that's what it's starting to feel like. An act.

Jesus, supposedly they care about this girl, and a bunch of guys can't get a hold of themselves and are practically falling all over themselves to make innuendos. Classy.

Yeah, J.P. would totally have thrown a fit if he got one of the weird tuxes. Get over it dude. This is what you signed up for. Calm the eff down. Holy shit, he just the darkest, I'm going to murder look everrrrr. Scary.

Lucas was upset because he was wearing a dress? Dude. WTF. Ames is coming up ahead on this one.

Wow, they are REALLY pushing the hometown dates. Big ratings I assume. I mean, basically this whole episode has been about them.

Jesus! Where did the back half of her shirt go??! These Asian women think she is such a hoe. I saw one woman in the background who looked really confused. Wow, so they're going to a Temple with her dressed like that. Ok, cool that's not disrespectful at all.

TAI CHI. Oh my God, seriously, I have been talking about Tai Chi forever. I want to learn how to do it so badly. Of course Ryan would know all about it. He is such a Tai Chi person.
Oh my God, Ryan...this is the hardest moment. He is...I feel like I just kicked a puppy. His face was so heartbroken. You can't fake that. Not the way he did it. "You don't want to meet my family?"

I am never going to recover from this. Although as I was walking away, I was thinking, 'wow his pants have a flair. That's interesting."

None of us saw this coming Ryan, none of us. I am as close to tears as this show could ever bring me. He just wants someone to share his life with! Ashley you heartless bitch!

Awkward, my mom is literally talking to Ryan right now. "I'll love you Ryan" "Take me home to your parents Ryan- well, they're probably close to my age."
We'll miss this, won't we America?

They're making Ryan hail a cab? That's cold.

Wow, Lucas, a class act in the end. Way to go.

Weird. Emily is already crying before she event gets out of the car. That's awkward. Who thinks she took riddlin before this so she could get that perfect shaky look. WOW she is awful. Such a wilted little flower, but made up to look like Carrie Underwood. It's weird, and makes her look like a Stepford. I wonder if this will bring her and Brad back together.

HOW DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT THE DOT DOT DOT??? When did they film this? Hmm. Must have been pretty recently actually. They figured they could cash in on their public breakup. 
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Classy Speechless.

Andrew Garfield and Garrett Hedlund in Maui...trying to decide what words to use that don't make me sound totally gross. 'Yum' is so icky. 'Hell-oooo' there is creepy.

The beauty of these two is in the normalcy. Nothing really to write home about. They won't win best beach bodies anytime soon. That's whats so...whatever you want to call it about them.
Maybe I'll go with 'ay caramba!'

Ok. How about no words. Simple, classy speechless.
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

BAFTA "Brits to Watch".

Oooooo look at me, I'm a Greek goddess with my flowing blonde hair and shimmery, totally see-through dress, oooo I'm so gorgeous, and my boob is popping out of this dress as much as possible.

No seriously though, this dress is totally see-through. This is America's presence at BAFTA's Brits to Watch? Was she like, "hello Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, I'm a total see-through tramp?"

Ugh. Hate her.

I've been scanning these pictures like mad, searching for my college roommate, who was working the red carpet- she works for MPRM, they were putting it on. Fabulous. So jealous of her. Now if I could only find her in the background of one of these pictures.
OMG obsessed. But how tiny is Kate's waist? Ughh it upsets me, she's sooooo thin. If you look at pictures of her from college she's totally healthy, maybe 20 pounds heavier, and she looks FANTASTIC. She's so much prettier with a little weight on. Which is of course, saying something because she is gorgeous now.

I can only hope it's stress.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gross, Why?

AGH! ICK. ehhhhck.

Those were my three reactions to this picture. I couldn't even make any actual words.

First I was scared, then grossed out, then really really grossed out.

Now I feel really sad for her, and also sad for us, because we have to look at it. 
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hunger Games Soundtrack News.

Danny Elfman and T Bone Burnett are collaborating for The Hunger Games soundtrack! Oh fantastic. Love them both. Here's a bit from a Lionsgate press release about it:

Santa Monica, CA, June 28, 2011– LIONSGATE® (NYSE: LGF), a leading global entertainment company, today announced an unprecedented film music collaboration between Academy Award® winner and two time nominee T Bone Burnett (CRAZY HEART, COLD MOUNTAIN) and four time Academy Award® nominated composer Danny Elfman (ALICE IN WONDERLAND, SPIDER-MAN) on the music for the highly anticipated film adaptation of THE HUNGER GAMES, based on the first in Suzanne Collins’s runaway bestselling book trilogy.  The announcement was made by Lionsgate’s Motion Picture Group President Joe Drake. 

Elfman and Burnett will be collaborating on the film score, with Burnett also serving as the film’s Executive Music Producer, producing songs for the film and soundtrack. 

Can't wait.
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Elle Fanning, Style Icon.

 Not sure if I said so after I watched Super 8, but Elle Fanning is my new style icon. She is so, so cool. Just essential style and cool. The kind you have to be born with. Just look at these pictures.
I saw these and I was like, Alexa Chung who? So over.
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Royal Couple (Canadian) Watch.

Best discovery EVER! Aghh! When will this royal couple fever be over??? Watch all the later ones on Youtube. LOVE IT.


The Newest Bachelorette Is...

Bentley is kicking himself right about now. He went on the wrong season! It seems Emily Maynard, the Bachelor girl he was originally obsessed with, might be the next Bachelorette.

According to an US Weekly source, she hasn't officially signed on yet, but "it looks like a done deal".

I totally believe it. Girl wants to be a TV anchor of some sort. This is the perfect way to get there. Should be interesting!
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Happy Independence Day! Buy some fireworks, Joey Fatone says to.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Royal Duties.

Being a princess is hard work. I swear, every time I open up my twitter feed, it's some new pictures of the royal couple doing something on their tour of Canada. That being said,

THAT HAT IS THE BOMB. It is so amazing. I mean, has there ever been a more perfect Canada Day hat?

No, seriously, has there been? I don't know that much about Canada Day. I didn't even know that was a real thing until yesterday.
Girl can even rock a chef's smock, like she did in Montreal today with hubby, Prince William.
Next on the parade of outfits, the blue dress in Quebec! Ou la la, it's AMAZING. Love the lace, need to get myself some nude stilettos.
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The Bachelorette Part...Who Cares? Bentley's BACK.

I swear if I never hear the words "dot dot dot" again, it will be too soon. I mean Lord, IT'S AN ELLIPSIS! Not a state of being. 

Sorry this is a week in the making, and...I think I skipped one in there, but we all know nothing mattered in between Bentley leaving and him coming back. They literally got so bored they had to have all the guys take their shirts off and fight over her. Poor Ames.

"I promise you this is not going to have a happy ending, the way you're doing it." That's what (host) Chris Harrison said, and...not getting through. If someone who obviously new more than me about what was going on told me that, I mean, duh. It's literally like her best friend is like, "Umm, Ashley I just don't think he's really into you, you can do so much better," and that's the nicest way she can think of to tell her that he has been sleeping with their entire sorority.

WTF is up with that Avril Lavigne-esque "Let Go" fast forward while Ashley is standing still shot?
I mean, it's kind of a metaphor for her life, but it was really, really lame. I know they've been staging a lot of Ashley's alone "thinking" time, but really? Really.
Wow, WOW. Bentley's "I'm listening to you" face is really good. Like, fantastic. I think he's wondering what he's going to have for lunch. Like, "how do I get a BLT in Hong Kong?"

Ashley gave him SO much more of a verbal slap than I was expecting. She completely just realized that he wanted a free vacation to Hong Kong. Way to GO girl. HA. Doucher.

I've never been more proud of her. But...that's not saying much.

Aww. Lucas, he's just a good ole boy. So sweet. Adorable. Love him because he is so, so stupid- he is probably the only one who really doesn't care about the cameras, and believes Ashely doesn't care about them either. Tragic. He's totally getting the axe soon.

WTF is "manlihood"? Not a word.

I cannot distinguish between Constantine and Ben. They look exactly the same to me. Their race was hilarious though. Way to lose with some fun.

Great, fantastic strategy, getting a translator. Also, what is it about Ryan everybody hates? Sorry, if he's playing a game, I'm snowed. I like his enthusiasm. I guess I could see where it might get annoying, but come on. Eh. I guess we'll see.

Yes Ashley, good question. What ARE the chances that someone gets engaged right in front of you? NONE. Guaranteed that was staged. I think I recognized some of the people from the Dragon Boat race. And is getting down on one knee a tradition in China? Hmm. Suspect.

UGHHH. I am getting so sick of Ashley's "Oh my God this is gorgeous!" "I'll never forget this moment, that's for sure".

I LOVE J.P. SO MUCH! He is adorable. Too bad Ashley is annoying and not good enough for him. Ugh she is so horrible. It sucks that both of his dates revolve around that dbag Bentley.

WOAH. Some people definitely got disillusioned with Ashley over the Bentley thing. J.P. was a class act, but I definitely understand the other guys being angry. That's shitty of her to act all "I lurrvv you we have such a connection"...but then again, that's the bachelorette way dudes. She's juggling seven guys.

We really saw the bad side of the good ole boy in Lucas come out, "when you make a man feel second..." Oh get over yourself and grow some balls dude. SHE'S DATING SEVEN OF YOU. Or eight, or whatever it is this week. Bottom line: you know you're playing like...4th fiddle at any given time.

Weird how easy it was for her to get him to stop yelling at her though. A crying girl is a really powerful weapon.

Dudes- J.P.has the right attitude. Don't try to control her decisions. Basically, she's holding all the cards, it's quite literally her show. Men just can't handle a woman in power.

Ick. I can't believe I just referred to her as a woman in power.
About Blake, the dentist, I will say this: Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any other profession, fact. Poor guy. He's going to take this no rose thing really personally.

"Basically, I just want a friend." That says it all. Poor Blake.

Isn't Taiwan a huge hub for human trafficking? Wow, ok I would make a horrible Bachelorette.

As for the "next times" all I saw was her crying and talking about it was the worst day ever, all the while fixing her bangs.
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Haute Emma.

Emma Watson is so freaking cool. I mean, she's been doing this haute stuff since...birth. I think.
Even Emma feels some insecurities though. God, when I just typed that I felt like a Seventeen article. Jesus. Anyways.
I keep all of that really bottled up somewhere and I feel unleashing it would be the scariest thing – and to let myself be powerful, sexy, all those things, it’s scary for me. [Even playing the bad girl in this shoot] felt a bit uncomfortable and awkward, it didn’t come naturally at all.
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