Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pens Bling.

Lots of Pens news tonight, but congrazioni to the boys for getting their Stanley Cup rings! Man talk about ice... those things have got to be insane heavy. Oh well, they're strong.

Maybe it's the Italian in me, but all I can see when I look at that ring is someone getting hit in the face with it. Ouch, non? è molto brutto.

Ha. Loves it.

Dang! That's intense. Careful with those though. My dad has a ring from the Rose Bowl. It's probably half the size, but he wore it every day for like  twenty years and now his finger is kind of curled over from the weight... I'm going to get it and wear it as a necklace!

Hips Don't Lie.

"Ugly Betty" is going to be especially Latina-liscious this season, as hip-shaker Shakira is going to have a guest role! So excited. I love this show. It's going to be struggling a bit- it was unsure on whether it was going to be coming back this season- so I am especially excited.

She will play herself in an episode around a photo shoot in the Bahamas.
Photo courtesy of WENN.

Places to Watch (Pens Games).

The Pensblog has started a thread on where the best places to watch Pens games around the world are, with fans posting where they've had success. There are a ton, mostly around Pennsylvania, but here are some places where I know we have readers:

NYC: Foley's Bar (shown).
Jacksonville, FL: Sneakers (Jax Beach especially), Gators Dockside in Baymeadows.
Chicago, IL: The Dark Horse, kitty corner from Wrigley Field. Also Durkin's.
Boston, MA: The Sports Depot
Cleveland, OH: The Winking Lizard in Lakewood (whoop whoop!)
Cincinnati, OH: Martino's on Vine. It's near the University of Cincinnati on Clifton. (whoop whoop -tm)
Rome, Italy: La Botticella. This is where I'm going to be hanging out in the spring!

Hope that helps you Pens fans! I tried to look for Orlando places, but didn't really see anything. But if you have any place, put it here or up on Pensblog!

More Friday Night Love

Love FNL, mainly because anyone can relate to a character. I loved this "essay". I promise you I was crying when Tyra read it. 

Le sigh. Me too (nearly, at least). Tyra is my fave. Hate Julie and Lyla. Arg. Can't wait to watch this in...whenever I finally get to watch this. 

Friday Night Love.

Even though I won't get to watch it, I'm just excited that it's still on the air. Thank God for the modicum of good taste that is still out there. Perhaps this is the year FNL finally gets the ratings it deserves?

I wish I had direct tv so badly. Le sigh.

Dear BB,

Court and I went to high school with a girl name Baren Butta (name changed to protect her identity). In our Senior Ad section, we did this little snippet with information that people didn't know about that senior. Baren's was, "People don't know this, but i have extensions in my hair."

We spent a lot of hours on the book. Lots of tears, sweat and smoothies went into it. But, most of all, laughter. Even at one a.m., we were still laughing.

When Baren's quote was read aloud, dead silence spread through the room. Why, you might ask? We all knew her hair was fake. Every girl in our school probably knew. Maybe Baren expected people to say something to her, I don't know. Clearly, she thought that cheap weave was fooling people.

Okay, that rant went a lot longer than intended. My point is hair. The difference between black and white hair. Growing up in predominately white schools and neighborhoods, I've always had to field questions about my hair. "Is that weave?" "Why is it called a relaxer?" "How come you never wear your hair down?"

Good Hair is going to answer those questions. Chris Rock's daughter inspired him to produce a movie that will be educating people everywhere.

Haha oh 1 am: "Ok, Lazy Kitchen does not have a picture."

And remember that time you got braids in your hair? That threw people for a loop. They looked so awesome though. I was jealous. Then my hair started dreading, and it was all good.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Maybe Court was right.

Maybe, this is the moment. i've watched it twice and Jim's (John's) face. So priceless when she says she can't be with him. Now they're getting married... I've accepted it- not saying that I'm happy, but I've accepted it.

I love Jim. As long as he's happy...I'm happy. I can't wait to have sons. I'm going to be that mom.

I will clarify: Theo and I were debating when she decided she hated the Jim/Pam storyline. I insisted it had to be this moment. She was unsure. 

And, as usual, I was correct. Sigh, if I had a dime for every time that happened...

Heart Like a Kick Drum.

I'll be posting more about this later- I'm writing a review for the Observer- so I'll be brief for now.

New Avett album, "I and Love and You", is AMAZING. Love it. Check out my favorite for right now, 'Kick Drum Heart'.

I Don't Hate It.

I'm on a Kardashian Kick and I love ranting about tattoos. Because, if I can do anything - I can find a fault. And, sista, I tell it like it is. Sorry, I thought Courters might enjoy that. But, here it is, a tat I can get behind.

This is a tattoo on Khloe Kardashian's wrist. The words, 'I love you,' in her late father;s handwriting. I love it. I think it's simple and classy. This is something I could handle and maybe do.Don't get you knickers in a knot - I'm not going to get tat tat tatted up, but I really do love this.

Sucker for a Man in a Suit.

Media day for the NBA - some light practice for the photogs and some of the new members give interview. "I'm so excited to be here." "We're really going to turn it around this year." "We've got awesome fans, can't wait to start the season."

My favorite part? Men in suits. I love it. It's also why I watch the Drafts. Men in suits - a weakness. And, as Court mentioned, we went to private school - so I don't mean that white oxford and messy tie. Gross. I mean grown men in tailored suits. Um. Just look.

YUM. Love my hockey men in suits. Can't help it. When ND's hockey team was really good we had to wait for hours in the entrance to the rink so we could score great seats, and we were there so early that the players had to walk over us to get in. So funny. But they were wearing suits and I almost died. Good thing I was already sitting on the floor because I almost passed out. 
Photo Source - NHL, Shaq, LeBron

Normal ScarJo.

Not sure how I feel about ScarJo. Sometimes I don't like her, othertimes I'm not totally against her. It's completely not set in stone.

I like her at times like this when I remember how great she is about not starving herself. She's got a great normal body, for sure. I'm also sure she's not turning down people photoshopping her in this picture, but still, almost none of us would, lets be honest.
On body image: “There was this rumor mill cranking out stories that I had lost 14 pounds—I could never lose 14 pounds.… I hate seeing these ridiculous articles where [tabloids] guess someone’s weight.… I can’t look at somebody who is 6 feet tall and 120 pounds and say, I’m going to get that body. That’s just never going to happen. You have to work with what you’ve got.”

 Even though it's kind of copying She & Him (M.Ward and Zooey Deschanel's band) I really like that song by her and Pete Yorn. Not gonna lie- I sing it to myself. I remember reading somewhere when the project was still in the works that he "thought of it in a dream". Bullshit. Boy wants to be all M.Ward and shiz. Scarlett mentions it in the interview:
GLAMOUR: How’d he know you sing?
SJ: He didn’t!
GLAMOUR: He just thought you would be good?
SJ: He said he had some weird fever dream—and had this idea that we should do a duets album…. When I started singing along to the songs he was playing me, he said, “I’m really happy that you can sing!” [Laughs.]


Photos courtesy of Glamour.

Sugar Dating a Crow.

UM WHAT? This is so just became public her husband filed for divorce and now Emmy Rossum is dating Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz.

Maybe she was cheating. That would be so like Sugar, I can tell. She's def the type. Ew, but HIM? That surprises even me. she doing the Jennifer Love Hewitt thing, trying to get street cred by dating a rando weird guy?

Not gonna happen. Yuck. Yuck...egh. Gross. If I don't blog about her for the rest of my days I'll be happy. Twice in one day is too much. Just like her. Waaaay too much. Hence, sua nome Sugar.
Photo courtesy of Splash.

Dress Code Much?

Ok this has bothered me since episode one: what private school lets their students dress like this? It's more of a coincidence than a dress code. At Theo and I's school we were barely allowed to wear jewelery. A cross, pretty much. Our skirts...two inches above the knee. How far is that? About two inches above the crotch. Shameful.

I'm starting a new game- how much fuglier can Little J get by the end of the season?
Photo courtesy of Splash.

It's that epic.

Like most college students, we here at popYEAH! watch a lot of television online. It's awesome. I love being able to stop and go. Just insanely perfect for our lives.

But, I miss my previews. The little snippet that keeps me going to the next episode. And, had I have seen Glee when it originally aired, I'd know that Kristin Chenoweth was coming. So stoked! Yeah, yeah. Previews are easy to find, but its not as good online.

I think Court is missing Pushing Daises right now.

Lord do I miss Pushing Daises. Why do great shows like that and Veronica Mars get canceled while So You Think You Can Dance stays on the air? Answer: people are stupid and I hate them. 

Photo Source

Careful, Abigail

Dear Abigail Breslin,
Don't forget you're 13. We know that you are an actor and born in NYC. By our calculations, this means that in approx. two years you'll have fried your hair and claim to be an artist. You have talent girl. Don't waste it like Taylor Momsen, remember when she was a who? Ugh. But, moral of story - knee-high boots, sleeveless shirt and middle part - be careful.


Photo Source

True Blood has Gone to the (Were)wolves.

So Alan Ball has confirmed that "True Blood" will be introducing werewolf Alcide next season as a love interest. Also appearing next season will be Denis O'Hare as the vampire king of Mississippi to play opposite the (thankfully) recurring character of Louisiana Vampire Queen Evan Rachel Wood.

I've been brainstorming who would be a great werewolf for the show. You know I have. So here are some of my ideas:
-Steven Straight: I wanted him for Jacob, he would be better in "True Blood" anyways.
-Henry Cavill: (above) I want him for everything, so he has to get thrown in there. He would be so awesome.
-Shia LaBeouf: I hate myself, but...yeah. I am ashamed.
-Jim Sturgess: He's got that scruffy pale thing going on.

Wouldn't it be hysterical if Robert Pattinson was Alcide? So funny. He maybe looks a little too young, but still. Twi's would freak.

It's Mad Men's World...

Love Jon Hamm. I am most disappointed with myself in that I don't religiously watch "Mad Men". I've seen a few episodes, and Megan has explained enough to me, but...le sigh. Keeping up with shows is such hard work. I shall try harder though, I swear. I see gorgeous like this and I am reminded to try harder.

Love that Elisabeth Moss is marrying Fred Armisen. I want to be at that wedding, could you imagine? Wonder how they make the L.A./N.Y. thing work.

Here is the gist of the interview:

Hamm on his longtime girlfriend: “Jen Westfeldt, and I and our dog, Cora, live in Los Feliz, where there are quite a few places we like to go….We’re mostly neighborhood types. There’s also a place in Atwater Village called Palate Food + Wine that’s really good.”
Hamm on his hit AMC show: “It’s like a nice novel you can kind of sit and pay attention to. The [show] is not meant to be on while you’re doing dishes, it’s meant to be enjoyed and savored and focused on, and it rewards that attention… We’re fortunate in a lot of ways that Mad Men is not watched by 15 million people a week, because there would be an expectation to appeal to a much broader section of the demographic, and I think the character would have to make different choices to be appealing to that demographic. We are fortunate in that – on our show- we can stay true to the character and his very difficult choices.”

Moss on her upcoming marriage to SNL’s Fred Armisen: “I think we’ve decided (we’ll get married) this fall. It’s not that far off, and it’s fun planning a wedding – nothing but an amazing experience for us. We agree on everything, so that’s good. It’s going to be a really fun special day, and I can’t wait. We both can’t wait.”

Tumblr Joe.

Ok my web knowledge is a little cloudy on this, but our fave, Joseph Gordon-Levitt now has a tumblr account called hitRECordjoe.

Nice.There isn't that much on it yet, and what there is is confusing, but all you die hards can check it out. I bookmarked it, not gonna lie. I just love him.

 To remind you of why we love him so much, check out this little awesomeness from "500 Days of Summer".

Loser Divorces Sugar.

WOAH. Did I know about this? I feel like this is something I would have heard about and then promptly forgotten and then not remember that I knew in the first place.If that makes sense.

US weekly is reporting that Emmy Rossum's "secret" husband, this guy- Justin Siegel, is filing for divorce. Sugar overload I'm guessing? She makes me gag just looking at her. So sickly sweet.

Justin Siegel, a music producer, filed papers on Friday at L.A.'s County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. (Siegel is seeking spousal support and requests that Rossum pay all divorce costs.)

What a db. I mean, she's freaking cloying, but that doesn't mean he's not a loser. The pair were married in February 2008 and seperated in August of this year.

As a side note, I would like to point out that I don't trust people named Justin. Mistake number one Rossum. 
Photo courtesy of US.

Food Bribes.

We're in the middle of an epic (haha) Veronica Mars marathon in my room this week, so naturally I am re-enamored of Kristen Bell. I've said it before and I'll say it again- V Mars? Best show ever. Ever.

I totally understand this/ I would totally do this. Ask Theo- I'm picky about my food. Really, everyone has their little food hangups. Kelsey and I were just talking about how we need our eggs made in front of us, and preferably by our mothers. It's limiting on a college campus. 

When Kristen was in Bora Bora filming "Couples Retreat" with co-stars Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Kristin Davis and Jon Favreau, she decided to bring along a little insurance against the food there.

“I do travel with a lot of snacks. I was concerned about the food in Bora Bora, and so I packed a lot. I like knowing what I'm eating. I don't like mystery dishes.”

Kristen also said, 
"I knew that all I needed was water and a mini-fridge, both of which I had in Bora Bora, in my contract. I made little dishes of pudding, and we had them for dessert."

However, her generosity backfired a little, like most generosity does, lets be honest:

"By the end, I had cleared my fridge out and I was literally bribing Jason’s wife Amanda to give me their daughter Franny's Cheerios."

Love her. I would give anything to be fake-married to Jason Bateman. Food is also a great way to bribe people to be your friend. Just ask any of mine- it's how they got me. Give me some Diet Coke and I'm yours for life.
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Farmer John Meets Houdini.

The princes of Wales, Harry and Wills, were spotted leaving a Raffles, a London night club around 3 a.m. on Saturday night.

Totally different outfits. Harry looks farmer chic, and Wills looks like a gay magician. What is up with him, seriously. That is not how a future king of England should dress. He has a checkered...whatever those things are called. Cravat? No, those goes around the neck. Well, you know what I mean.

Seriously, is that jacket...purple? I guess it makes sense. Royalty. Perhaps that's taking it a little too far. At least he has a dowry to offer the ladies, because that jacket isn't doing anything for him. And neither is that bald spot.
Photos courtesy of Socialite Life.

Mika's Poker Face.

Mika was on BBC's radio 1 this morning, and try as I might, I cannot listen to the actual feed. I am out of range or something...I guess because I'm in America. Blah. I need more BBC in my life.

I really like it- it makes sense for BBC because it's very Elton John, British pop-rock. He would totally do this cover, which is naturally why I love it. Theo and I are Elton fanatics. 

Anyways, don't just take my word for it, check it out here.

A Little Bit of Yeah Yeah.

One of my favorite jam bands, The Format, has been broken up for a while now, and it has left a void in my life.

Hopefully it can be filled by Fun, Format co- founder Sam Mean's new band that has an amazing little diddy called "Yeah Yeah" that has been going through my head for days. He scored the soundtrack for new indie movie "The Sinking of Santa Isabel" and was lucky to do so- he came across it when a soundtrack almost wasn't going to happen because the film had run out of their budget.

He told Spin magazine:
"It was a challenge I happily accepted. Who needs a budget when you have a laptop, a cheap microphone, and some extremely helpful friends?"

Who indeed. Check it out here.

Perfect Timing

After the Khloe's wedding yesterday, Kim Kardashian realized she missed Reggie Bush! And, thank goodness Keeping Up with the Kardashians crew members were there when she came to this revelation!

I can already feel that this season is going to be bananas. Kourtney's pregnancy with that loser Scott. Khloe's marriage to Lamar Odom. And, now Kim. We know how these sisters work. Kim is probably planning to adopt a baby. Or, maybe finding Reggie with another woman. Something to upstage the other two...

What a loving family and Kris Jenner just eggs them on. I wonder who's been watching the stores, you know the ones that they own... and run.

I love reality television families. Especially this family, Brody, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Bruce, Kris and those other kids. All on a show. Talk about pimpin.


Photo Source

Life is not so Beautiful

The Beautiful Life: TBL is over. I watched half of its season, which comes out to be one episode. It was painful. That's really the best way to sum it up. The guys were too ripped. The girls were too short and, sadly, not thin enough. It was just not something I cared about despite my love of fashion mags. That black in the corner was maybe 5'7". Maybe. Glad, it's over. Bring back VMARS.

Isn't that whats-his-face from High School Musical? Um...Corbin Bleu. 

I just looked it up. And, it is Corbin Bleu or Corbin Bleu is one of them... I don't know who that is though.

Alright, we'll I will settle it, it is Corbin Bleu. Hmm. That's weird, he is not that pretty.  

He played the child star left behind that hooked up with a cougar model exec. But, I think he wanted to be a DJ. That's what I got from the first episode.

Oh, ok that makes total sense. I can see him being that. I feel like this show is more a discussion than it is an actual show. Like right now for instance.
Photo Source

Silence Your Cellphones...Or Else.

This is Hugh Jackman and his daughter Ava yesterday in New York heading to a pumpkin patch. Le sigh, love him.
We talked yesterday about Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman's new play, "Steady Rain", and today a clip has surfaced of what happened when a cell phone went off during their performance.

Kick ass. It's one of my big pet peeves. Hate stupid people.
Photo courtesy of Just Jared

Impeccable Alexa.

Le sigh. Love Alexa. Hate how effortlessly perfect she is. I wish I was half Chinese.
  • Wow, in person, you sure do you have great skin.
    Thanks. It's because I’m half Chinese.
  • What are some of the beauty products you can’t live without?
    Hmm. I don't wear much makeup. I literally never get spots. Literally. I’ve had them about one time in my life. I’m just saying, it has nothing to do with products. That’s all crap. I drink water and I have good genes. I do use Declèor. They have an oil that’s really nice because I have really dry skin actually.
  • When did you decide to make winged eyeliner your signature look?
    I don’t think I have ever decided. It just happens, every day because I’m really boring and I don’t know what else to do! When I realized it made my eyes look better, I just stuck with it.
  • Who are some of your beauty icon inspirations?
    I’ve always loved 60's women like Jane Birkin and Julie Christie, and this type of make up (winged eyeliner) literally suits me better than shit 80's makeup. I look shit in lipstick too. I think if I looked alright in (dark) lipstick that would be my thing. 
Photo courtesy of Fabsugar.

Why So Serious RPatz?

I felt like the joker when I read this: Why so serious Robert Pattinson? Always, always serious in magazines. It's like he can only be taken seriously...if he's serious. Ok, I know how dumb that sounds, but seriously. Why can't he be smiling? It's like he's in the magazine version of a film noir. His eyes are saying, "Hey dollface, you and your gams have walked into the wrong place. I can't help you here, I'm a tortured soul."

Gag me. And I am sick of hearing about how he was totally unprepared for Twilight to be so huge. Maybe, yeah sure he was. SURPRISE. You are a millionare and have millions of tweens and their moms lusting for you.

Yeah, that sucks man.
Photos courtesy of popsugar.

Delicious Revenge.

It's a slow day for news, oddly enough, so let's go for interesting tidbits- Robert Downey Jr. was once a cast member on SNL- who knew? He was only there for a year after joining at the age of 20.

Honestly, his career is probably the better for it. Who of SNL's history can claim the kind of cool success RDJ has had? None, that's who.

Other rando cast members? Anthony Michael Hall and Ben Stiller. Ben was only on for four episodes and quit due to creative differences, and at 17 AMH became SNL's youngest cast member ever.

Hmm. Becoming a famous comedian after you're fired from SNL? That's a delish revenge-iscious dish.
Photos courtesy of EW.

Too Much To Handle

Can you think of anything that could make this picture more adorable? Really, because I can't. The only thing I could come up with would be maybe if Jack Moynahan was holding some ice cream. But, here's pregnant Gisele Bundchen with her stepson in Boston this weekend. This kid could easily be a Ralph Lauren model - can't wait to see Tom's newest. It appears that Bridget Moynahan (Jack's mother and Tom's Ex), Tom and Gisele are playing nice!


Photo Source

Hottie and Blah Wed.

Hottie Hugh Dancy and Blah Claire Danes (See Baz Luhrman's Romeo + Juliet) were married in a private ceremony in France earlier this month.

As much as I don't like her, she's pretty sweet over him. Can't blame her, I would be too.
“While relationships are work, this just didn’t feel like it. It’s the kind of work that feels energizing rather than enervating. I find it very freeing to know that, okay, it takes constant nurturing and attention, but I can also stop looking for the one.”

Congrazioni Hugh e Claire!
Photo courtesy of Just Jared.

I'm not loving it.

I usually love Khloe Kardashian's clothes. For the most part, I think she dresses herself really well, aware that she isn't a petite girl and usually fashion forward. But, this gown... not so much.

Don't get me wrong. It's a lovely Vera Wang, but she could have done better. It looks like a bridesmaid's gown... with a train. Boring- the worst word to describe a wedding gown. And, I really hope she did something different with her hair. It's just awful, like really crappy.

Lamar Odom looks like the feature in GQ, she looks like a night after prom. Rough.

I like the gown- love the blue ribbon, but I have to agree about the hair. It's walk of shame hair, not wedding day hair. 

Photo Source

They're Lovestoned.

I think that he knows, think that he knows, oh oh.

Courtney and Claire will freak. All of the signs are telling us that he's perfect for both of them. Really. The diet coke in his hand. The blue pea coat. I swear he knows he's teasing them. He must. This cannot be a coincidence.

He walks around without a care. He's got them hooked. It just ain't fair. They're lovestoned and I swear. I think that he knows, think that he knows, oh oh.

Sorry, I love that song. But, it just summed how my thoughts. Not so much Shia, he's a little too short for my taste.

I am dying. Why does he tease me so? And OMG that song is the melodic representation of my Shia Shame. Woah, revelation.


Photo Source

No Longer Deafeated!!!

21 months. 19 games. One and a half seasons. But, it's over now.

The Detroit Lions won last night against the Washington Redskins (totally not p.c.), beating them 19-14!! Thank goodness. That's all I can really say. There is nothing worse than being the worst... except for going winless.

The main reason I love college sports is because athletes are not playing for a paycheck or for pride, but for their school. They wear their jerseys with pride and represent their schools day in and day out. I love it.

But, I really was moved - there's nothing better than getting that first win! And, the Lions did it in front of their smallest crowd since 1989. And (I don't want to preach, but...), this was a win for city of Detroit, not just the Lions. The automotive capital has an unemployment rate of 22% as of January.

So, this was a huge win at home! Will they get another? Doubtful, but the streak ends. Tears were flowing from the owners, THE FORD FAMILY, and players. Nothing gets me like a grown man crying.

Usually, hate local news, but I love the guys saying Super Bowl Bound. Haha. Too funny.

They can have football, but the Stanley Cup belongs to Pittsburgh. Just saying. 

Celebration Photo Source

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dreida. Fev. Patinto.

Love them. Cannot find a power couple name for them though. Help?
Photo courtesy of Splash News.

LebronJonez - one word

We love him here at popYEAH! Love Lebron James, he's just such a cutie and so funny. But, to us - he's LebronJonez because of a hockey video Court once showed me... Man, we get a lot of good things from the videos she forces on me.

Note: Lebron knows how to work a sponsor. He gets $15 million from Coke. I bet he got a bonus for being photographed with this sprite.

Tomorrow is the start of NBA training camp, which means I'll have some Shaq/Cleveland news. I love Shaq and his interviews. He cracks me up. 325 pounds of funny in my opinion.

Photos of Shaq and Lebron James

Touchdown Tate.

I totally didn't even think about blogging about this last week, but after yesterday's game against Purdue (24-21 ND), it totally just occured to me.

At last Saturday's home game against Michigan State, Notre Dame wide reciever Golden Tate (love him) scored and took a insanely funny dive into Michigan State's Band.

So funny. Especially because it was Golden. He is so adorable. It was a almost total accident too, which is hysterical because you can totally see it on his face as he's trying to get out of there, he has the oh shiz look on his face.
"I thought the people were going to catch me, but I forgot that was Michigan State's band," Tate said. "And, like, I jumped up and they scattered real quick and there was the ground hitting me hard."

So funny. Seriously, look at the pure fear on their faces. I'm putting up this remix for you to get the full effect. Jump (haha) to :40 for the good stuff.

It's Raining Men.

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig's new play "A Steady Rain" is opening on Tuesday night at New York's Schoenfeld Theater.

It's a two man (the two BEST men) play about Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they are investigating a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood.

This is why Hugh Jackman has been sporting his new naked mermaid tattoo. Thank God it's not his, because it's tacky. Yuck.
Photos courtesy of Just Jared.