Friday, July 31, 2009

Good to the Bone.

Le sigh. Ryan Gosling as he escapes from paparazzi on a motorcycle. Which, normally I wouldn't approve of,'s him.

He's wearing a helmet, so that's a plus. And it is one thousand times better than if he was leaving in his auto de jour. Seriously, how many cars does one person need? Hate that part of Hollywood. I have enough decisions to make in a day, and which car I'm going to take to the grocery store should not be one of them.

But anyways. Also nice how he made time to sign autographs and take pictures. Wish I was there. Love the way he is subtly promoting her band with the skull shirt.

He makes this bad habit oh so good.

Who is this hoe rubbing her ass up against his mirror? Maybe it's prophetic, cause that desperate girl is getting left in the dust.


Fox Season is Over.

August 4th has been declared a Megan Fox free day by websites such as and will refrain from talking about the swamp thang for an entire 24 hours.

Well bully for them. popYEAH! ups the ante. We won't talk about her from now until August 6th. If then. In fact, if I had my way, she would disappear and I could exist in peace. Her and Katherine Heigl. And Smiley Beaverface. And...

I am doomed to a life haunted by these people.

I Never Bought It.

This is old news, whatever. But lets be serious- did you really buy this relationship? All the Jonas fans I know weren't really freaking out about them. Why? Because it's fake. There were pictures of her making out with that tennis player guy. I saw them. Yet no one mentions them, because...this relationship was fake.

Seriously though, they're walking right next to each other and it looks like they're one of those covers of US Weekly that are photo-shopped to look like they're together.

This has always been doomed.


Running Down A Dream.

Is it weird that he's a little pudgy in the middle even though I assume he's been training for this? I'll just say it's because no one looks good when running. As a person who has photographed runners, I can assure you of that. Claire, a runner, I'm sure will back me up. It is not a flattering sport.

Theo doesn't really seem to think this is that impressive, but as a total, 100% absolute non-runner...this is blowing my mind. English comedian Eddie Izzard is running 1000 miles in 7 weeks to attempt to raise money for the British charity Sport Relief. That's 20 miles a day.

Let me tell you, I can barely run 1 mile per day. Not even, I have to walk some of it. This is dedication to a cause- I mean, whatever, Katie Holmes and P. Diddy ran the New York Marathon, big deal.

This is the shiz. This is some Forrest Gump inspirational shiz.

It's not quite as good as Shia LaBeouf though, I have to say. Maybe he could run for a cause. popYEAH!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

So gross

These are Lindsey Lohan's feet. Gross, did I even need to say gross, cause it is?

Remember when Brittney went into gas stations without shoes on, because that was truly disgusting. But, here were are. Another, blonde starlet (yes, blonde) that is possible on the verge of a breakdown.

Maybe, psychologist should be looking for disgusting feet or lack of decent sanitary skills. Just an idea.

That is all.


Monday, July 27, 2009

I personally hope for a break up.

Well, I pretty much said everything I was trying to say in the title, but with this new picture - I'll repeat myself, "I personally hope for a break up."

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush. He could do some much better.

But, I read on one site, that they'd just broken up- he's a serious athlete, coming off a less than stellar season. She... had a famous father and is on a television show?

Yet, less than half and hour ago an Australian site claimed that had they were planning on starting a family soon.

Still, I hope for a break up. It'd be so much better. Jessica and Tony ending their thing right before training camp, hopefully these two have too.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Caribbean Catalyst.

So we've never done this before on popYEAH! but I stumbled across this recipe that I thought sounded like an awesome summer treat. In fact, I think I might do it more often, because the site where I found it has some really great ideas. I can't wait to try it- the Jerk Burger. So it's basically a beef burger flavored with jerk sauce and bread crumbs, with a mango, pepper and ginger salsa. Instead of a regular bun you use (my favorite!) ciabatta bread and top it off with monterey jack cheese.

1 tablespoon cooking oil
1 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chopped red pepper
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger
1 medium mango, seeded, peeled, and chopped
1/4 cup apple jelly
1 tablespoon lime juice
Dash salt
1 egg, lightly beaten
1/3 cup bottled jerk sauce
1/4 fine dry bread crumbs
1 pound lean ground beef
4 ciabatta rolls or hamburger buns, split
1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese (4 ounces)


  1. For salsa, in a medium saucepan, heat oil over medium heat. Add peppers, onion, and ginger; cook and stir for 3 minutes. Add mango, jelly, lime juice, and salt; cook and stir until jelly melts. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl, combine egg, 1/4 cup of the jerk sauce, and the bread crumbs. Add ground beef; mix well. Using hands, shape mixture into four 1/2-inch-thick patties.
  3. For a charcoal grill, place patties on the grill rack directly over medium coals. Grill, uncovered, for 10 to 13 minutes or until done (160°F), turning and brushing once with the remaining jerk sauce halfway through grilling. If desired, toast ciabatta rolls on the grill. (For a gas grill, preheat grill. Reduce heat to medium. Place patties, then ciabatta rolls, if desired, on gas grill over heat. Cover and grill as above.)
  4. Divide cheese among bottoms of rolls. Serve burgers in rolls with some of the salsa. Serve remaining salsa on the side.

Makes 4 burgers. Per Burger: 808 cal., 50 g fat (20 sat. fat), 167 mg chol., 740 mg sodium, 60 g carbo., 3 g fiber, 31 g pro.



Kate Winslet is on the cover of Harper's Bazaar this month and she talks about her image, and seeing airbrushed photos of herself. Kate said,
"I have wrinkles here [on her forehead], which are very evident, I will particularly say when I look at movie posters: 'You guys have airbrushed my forehead. Please can you change it back?' I’d rather be the woman they’re saying 'She’s looking older' than 'She’s looking stoned'.

Love her. Just when I'm feeling badly about hating Megan Fox or Katherine Heigl, I see Kate Winslet and I suddenly remember why they are so horrible. Because she is so awesome. She doesn't try to make people think she is some whore sex goddess or a successful witty girl next door.

"[Young women] look at all of us, myself included, on these magazine covers and they think 'My God, how does she
get skin like that?' And I can tell you, I have so many blemishes under this make-up that have been so fabulously covered, I promise you... [On the red carpet] our knickers will still go up our a** at the most inappropriate moment. And we’ll still want to flick them out, but you can’t because someone is going to catch you."

Kate Winslet and Zooey Deschanel. Always top 2 on my favorite celebrities list. Megan Fox and Katherine Heigl are always on the death list. That's worse than the least favorite celebrities list.

Damn. I was trying really hard not to go on another rant about them. Will try harder in the future.


Friday, July 24, 2009

No Bones About It.

Ryan Gosling is on my freebie five. He obviously wasn't expecting a photo shoot when he went to pump gas, and I doubt he cared. Celebrity or not, most people walk by homeless people with their eyes cast down, fiddling with their keys. Ryan Gosling slips him 5 bucks while looking him straight in the face.

Ok so it's not that big of a deal, but it is. You know? Makes me smile that a famous person is doing something normal, rather than a normal person doing something famous. I would much rather hear about Gosling over Gosselin. Genuinely good guy news >good guy gone wrong news.

He was having a very karma rich day, because he was picking up gas for a friend who had run out on the road. Le sigh. I am constantly testing fate with my car, and it would be nice to have Ryan Gosling as a friend. Very nice.

Gosling is busy working on Dead Man's Bones first album after wrapping Blue Valentine with Michelle Williams this year. Fingers crossed they do a tour next summer.

One question left: why does he have so much dirt on his boots? Can't decide if that's a pro or a con. Tom Cruise would never step out with dirty boots, so I'm leaning towards pro.


Articulate Andy.

5th Round draft pick Andy Bathgate has finally shown his face, and his face is CUTE. This picture does not do him justice, it's just the only one I could find. As I mentioned before, I couldn't find a picture of him, since his grandfather was a NHL star, all the were of him. But I had high hopes, since Andy the First was a total hottie. I know when Theo reads this she is saying ew but I only say that for profiling purposes for Tripp here.

Long story short, Andy lives up to grandpa's cutie legacy. The new kids are in Pittsburgh for the Prospect Camp and have interviews online for PensTV. I watched them, and let me tell you, teenage boys are dumb. Most of these kids are...well, they should thank their lucky stars they have hockey skills, and possibly sue their high schools for graduating them. I could barely watch 30 seconds of any of them.

Until I got to Andy. He was funny, cute, didn't stare without blinking into the microphone, was engaging with the reporter and wasn't smacking gum. Watch it here, you won't regret it. Lets just say I've found my new love.


Why is Katherine Heigl So Annoying?

For once, it is not I asking this question, it's Newsweek.

And I can't stop laughing. Finally, she gets her comeuppance on a national scale, instead of just my ramblings that no doubt go un-noticed by the diva that is Heigl. Oh well.

She can't ignore this. You know she keeps her haze of smoke to block the magazine headlines that might break up her delusion of superiority on all scales, from beauty to intellect. But this...even this has to permeate.


Reason 143432.

Harry Potter is still greater than Twilight. Always has been, always will be.

This time, it's the respect factor.

At Comic Con this past week, two new New Moon snippets were revealed to a crowd of horny girls. Screaming. Probably Passing Out.

In the second video, I could truly barely understand what is being said. And, if this were Harry Potter, the screaming culprits would politely be removed and possibly murdered.

Harry fans are crazy, but they respect the work. I'd expect a deafening hush from the crowd, nothing of this "Sensual," "OMG! Taylor!," and my personal favorite, "This is like porn."

Really was it? And, was that girl aware that Taylor Lautner is 17 now, gross. Pervs.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royal Love.

I am in deep and serious LOVE with this kid, Ezra Miller. He's basically been in nothing, but he now plays Tucker on the USA series Royal Pains. He's a hemophiliac rich kid whose father is a playboy jet-setter who pretty much leaves him to fend for himself.

He is also freaking hysterical. I know, I know, it's the writers, but it's also his delivery- so deadpan, you almost don't even notice how funny the stuff he's saying is he says everything so casually. Also love the girl who plays his girl friend Libby- Meredith Hagner, they are a great character pairing.

I'm going to call that he's set to be in a horror/thriller movie before the year is out. Just a feeling.

He's très adorable too, non?


I don't see it. Never will, he's just another pale kid- trying to make squinting sexy eyes.


I was never this young

Have you ever thought that? At 18, I think this constantly - despite pictorial evidence and first hand accounts that I one was. Every year, I am more and more convinced that certain heights, weights, years have been fast forwarded to now. Because, the thought of me being ten years old... eight years ago is way too weird.

Today, Daniel Radcliffe turns 20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Crazy to see him, Rupert and Emma looking so young. I always forget how young they were when they started the Harry's.

Courtney and I always so how happy we are to no longer be 13 to 15, but somedays I do wonder if I enjoyed it more than I hate it now. Hmmmmm...

I sound old and I'm less than a month from 19. Maybe, I really am an old soul.

Call me grandma, cause I'm about to take a nap.


PS. Maybe after the age of ten, our smiles never change. Look at each of them and disprove this theory.

The smile thing is so true!!! Weird. Yeah. Hated those few years- everything I remember makes me cringe and think, "how was I ever so lame??!" I actually went to an Aaron Carter concert. My life-long shame. Le sigh, youth.

Witty? Whatever.

One of my faves, Sandra Bullock, wants to be a bimbo.

"I want to be looked at as a bimbo, purely as a sex object. I've been working hard on that for a long time, hence the reason I'm butt-naked in The Proposal," she said.

I don't hate it. Everyone likes to stretch their acting chops from time to time. Now, we all know it's impossible for Denise Richards to be Sandra Bullock, but why can't Sandra Bullock be Denise Richards for a little while? I'm not gonna lie, her body was slammin' in The Proposal.

If Reese Witherspoon can do both well, why can't Sandra? I totally see it. Witty never goes out of style, but bimbo's are funny. If she can pull this off I might just forgive her for the soul sucking horribleness that was The Lake House.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Evil in a Blue Dress.

I hate stupid people. Katherine Heigl is one of them. Not only is she stupid, but she's fake and nasty.

If I was a lesser person I would say that her dress in this picture looks like a horrific hybrid between a prom dress and something your Southern aunt would wear to Junior League.

Oops. Guess I let it slip, silly me.

This is basically what she said on David Letterman the other night and then Live with Regis and Kelly the next morning:
"Our first day back was Wednesday and it was — I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them — a 17-hour day."

Poor girl. They just work her to death, and for what?

Oh right, she gets to be famous and make a shitload of money
. You know she was a total bitch every minute of those 17 hours, barking at her underpaid assistant, who was also had a 17 hour day, to get her more cigarettes that she could smoke and then burn people with. I could see her doing that too. Some one puts too much sugar in her coffee and she casually flicks some ashes in their eyes, still grimacing that smile that endears the American public. I bet the French don't fall for her merde. They know better.

This girl is evil.
In a blue dress. Ironic? Maybe.


A Very Important Date.

I am so excited for this movie. Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorites, and Tim Burton and Johnny Depp together are genius. Total genius. Can't wait.

The weird thing is, that ever since I've started watching True Blood everything has become a vampire metaphor for me. That's what I related it to when I first saw this trailer...which leads me to think, why hasn't Tim Burton done Vampires yet? Zombies and other dead things, yes, but in all this Twilight mania, why hasn't he done something to comment on it? Perhaps it is yet to come.

About this project though, Tim Burton told the Los Angeles Times,
"It's a funny project. The story is obviously a classic with iconic images and ideas and thoughts. But with all those movie versions, well, I've just never seen one that's had any impact to me. It's always just been a series of weird events."

On that note, here is one of my still favorite Alice versions, Tom Petty's Don't Come Around Here No More music video. Totally 80's. It's the best. Petty as the Mad Hatter...classic.

The movie comes out March 5, 2010.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Once again, since the Beatles performed their famous concert atop their record label, Apple Records Paul McCartney has found himself performing above a grateful sidewalk crowd this Wednesday before his first ever appearance on David Letterman.

I'm jealous. Also, I would probably fall apart.

Incidently, this is 45 years after the Beatles made their U.S. debut on the Ed Sullivan show. And the world has never been the same...


Jimmy Copies Catherine.

Jimmy Fallon impersonating Brit Robert Pattinson:

Brit Catherine Tate doing her signature bit:

Come to your own conclusion.


Friday, July 17, 2009

More than painful.

"Just another ill-fitting piece in the puzzle that is her stalled, sloppy career." - People Magazine.

Who could they be talking about? I'll give you a few hints. Her younger sister looks to be ten years older than her. Her mother has a reality show, based on being her mother... without a cameo from this person.

Any other clue would just be giving it away, I'm talking about Lindsay Lohan and her new (blah) movie, Labor Pains. Here's the trailer, the quote sums it up as well as any words can.

Remember when she was super promising? Mean Girls was on, she worked with some huge names and totally worked the script. I think Court once asked me if I though Rachel McAdams would be the more famous of the two.

Then, she was in Bobby, the movie from Charlie Sheen's brother. After that, she was a stripper, followed by the skanky girl in a few other roles. She managed to land a spot on Ugly Betty, but that show is the new Law and Order - everyone has been on that show.

The thing that makes L Lohan so crazy to me is that she refuses to accept her infamous status. Yeah, you were in Parent Trap, but one legit thing since then. I could easily name more of her hookups than movies, because that's what she's known for. Soon enough, she'll realize this and drop her hopes of an Oscar.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No More. Please.

I can't take it anymore.




3 Strikes.

The Jo Bro's, Kevin, Joe, Nick and Frankie played in a charity softball game (in Virginia of all places), in which, I have to say, Nick totally went all out. He's running, diving into bases, not caring about his hair. Unlike his brother. And although there are three, you know which one I'm talking about. Joe...I did not see one picture of him with a hair out of place. He frustrates me.

Not many pictures of the Bonus Jonas, per usual, or Kevin, I'm assuming because he is now off the market. Bummer. And I mean that- he was the most normal of the bunch. I mean is. It's like because he's engaged, he's dead...yeah, it's not like that at all.

Who am I kidding. If he thought he was invisible before, just wait.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter and the Paste Takeover.

For those of you that had your interests in the Hogwarts clan re-ignited by last nights stellar premiere, here's a format.

Paste Magazine has done what they did earlier for Bob Dylan and Wilco (as covered here: and declared a Harry Potter takeover, once again assuring me that Paste is the shiz.

I can't even tell you all the awesome stuff they have on the site, so I'll skim for you: Interviews with the stars, real Quiddich teams that are trying to recreate the sport (without flying brooms), Harry Potter courses in Universities, as well as the Super Impossible Harry Potter Trivia Quiz.

We'll see about that.

Check it out here:

Here's my favorite Potter fansite, run by Emerson Sparks:


Megan Smartens Up.

Megan Fox cannot even stand to watch her own movies. Apparently, she needs to down a glass of champagne to get through the second Transformers. Haha.

She also says that when the original comes on in an airplane, she's so embarrassed that she pulls her hat down. Probably a trucker hat. Because she is that girl.

So Megan has smartened up, and realizes that she sucks, and is only in a movie because guys pay to see her ta-ta's popping out of a tank top.

Also, in this picture, does anyone else notice she has ghost face? Hate ghost face.


Photo courtesy of

Well played, John Mayer. Well played.

I have yet to be able to determine whether or not Tony Romo breaking up with Jessica Simpson is due to the crappiness of Jessica or the greatness of John Mayer.

Reports are coming out that the reason for the break up (the night before her birthday) is due to Jess' recent contact with ex, John Mayer. Wow, does this actually happen in real life like after the seventh grade?

But, back to my original question. Jessica Simpson's weakness > John Mayer's greatness.

1. She's insecure. Always has been, always will be. The fact that her dad is constantly talking about her boobs isn't helping the matters either.

2. Ashlee is married and a mother at the age of 24. Jess just turned 29 and is now single.

Less than a year ago, she gave an interview saying that she wanted six kids.

29+2= 31+ (2*6) = 43, so by math (after two years of courtship) she needs to have six babies within 12 to be done by 43. It could happen.

I added extra space so we could all think of the math for her to make that happen. Damn.

Sucks to be her.

Should have known that J.Mayer is the ultimate fame whore. He always wants to be involved with story.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Theo and I LOVE Ewan McGregor.

So adorable! Really, nothing else need be said. Just a little fun picture to stare at for the day. But I should mention that I also have black Converses. Obviously, we are made for each other. Love that he's wearing a helmet. Go safety!

I have to go watch Moulin Rouge now.


So What Else is New?

Vanessa Hudgens is playing a whore.

Stop reading if you're surprised. Since obviously half-naked myspace shots aren't enough, she has accepted the role of a foul mouthed hooker named Blondie in the 1950's in Sucker Punch.

Blondie? Is that supposed to be ironic, like a fat guy named Tiny?

Needless to say, there won't be a whole lot of acting going on, and Zac Efron will be creepin' in the corner being skeezy. I don't care what you think, he's gross. Like Demetri Martin says, "I think hairgel was invented so it would be easier to identify assholes from a distance."


--Photo courtesy of

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is what I'm looking forward to?

Court knows this about me, as do many of my close friends. I have trouble sleeping.

This problem has led to many regret able purchases – Britney’s greatest hit’s album. But, I have come across some other jewels from iTunes. Such as, “she’s got the look,” a modeling show for women 35 and older.

Honestly, it’s America’s top model with old ladies, but more amusing. Soccer moms = gold. They are so convinced that they’re above drama- it’s quite hilarious.

LeAnn just said she has absolutely no opinion about another competitor except that she’s an evil person. Period.

Another women claimed she was there to protect the other models… by taking of her top and claiming to be vulnerable.

This is the type of show Court and I enjoy over the summer. Mindless. High on the drama, but low on the thinking. I’m fine being dumbed down for a season if it means good laughs.


Haha I've actually been watching this show since last season, because Kim Alexis, the model that started the show used to live in Jacksonville with her hockey player husband. My mom and I actually have a picture with her when I was little and she ran into her in town. I saw her in Target about 3 years ago though, and...she did NOT have the look if you know what I mean. I think some one might have gotten plastic surgery before they started this show. Anyways, Gretchen ( had sold her some jewelery before, and Kim wore one of her pieces on an episode last season. I think it was the one where they do acrobatics. Yeah.

Point: love this show! Especially because they always pick one 60+ person who is totally adorable! They're always my fave. Like Theo said, great summer mindless show.


Saturday, July 11, 2009

16 and Pregnant.

I got sucked in. Right now, as I am typing this, I'm watching the show

This isn’t the first episode, I saw the cheerleader that was still as size zero about five months in.

She and her mother are pregnant. Both of their boyfriends live there with them. I forgot to mention that this is her grandmother’s house, who is now sleeping on couch.

But, dammit, then it happened. They cannot afford to move out- their faces crushed me. And then the news that they were being kicked out of their current place. I was, honestly, on the verge of tears. Then, both pregnant women went off on the grandma (who is the only one with a full time job).

The tears were gone. And, I am pissssed.

How did this make it to television? Shouldn’t this people be likeable?

The 16 year old’s brother is named Taccoa. Gross. What.

I’m not writing about this anymore.

She should have stayed in school.

Okay, I kept watching. They named the baby Weston after the father, who is really the saving factor of the show. He's cute, too. Sucks to be him? Harsh. Memaw said it best. "They are old enough to have sex, they should be able able to take care of a baby."


4th and Final Goes to Potter.


hahahahaha I think we all remember that classic Mrs. Weasley line. I was all nighting it reading the book, it was maybe 4 am and I was laughing so hard I fell off my bed.

How gorgeous is this cast? Amazing. Twilight cast never looks this chic and cohesive. I look at this picture and there's no comparison. None. Ever. For all time. Especially Ginny. She is gorg. If I had to have red hair, I would be her. God forbid though.


Brad Pitt For Mayor.

Brad Pitt has made quite an impression in New Orleans. Siblings Josh, Gabriel and Elizabeth Harvey have started a grass roots campaign to get Angelina's partner elected mayor of New Orleans.

The shirt sells exclusively in their downtown store "Storyville"for $20, and they donate 2 of those dollars to his Make It Right foundation.

Brad Pitt's face on a shirt...would I wear it? No. I promised myself I would never be one of those "Team L.C." shirt wearers. "Ashton Kutcher is my homeboy". Ew. No celebrities will be gracing the enormous advertising space that is my chest.


Everything's better in the UK

Once or twice a week, I change the country on my iTunes to the United Kingdom.

I like to see what’s on top of the charts – what songs or shows are popular and stuff like that. More often than not, the top ten are about the same with maybe a techno song on top of the charts. Typical.

This week I stumbled across an artist and rapper named Ironik. The song I saw- wait for it. TINY DANCER. I know. I know. Ilovethatsongtoooo. Mainly in Almost Famous, that scene is classic.

So, I watched the video and caught myself bouncing around my living room. The song is catchy. I’ve heard better, but really anyone that can mix rap with Elton must have some potential. So, he had some stuff released in the USA, only problem it’s in French. Blah. after, two years of French I can barely say anything.

So, I continued my search, determined for a good find. Then, I found Jamie T. He’s described as a cross between The Streets (V.Mars, anyone?) and Arctic Monkeys. And, that accent. Everything is better with an accent.
And, lucky for us. He’s on iTunes USA? America? too.

Here’s a link to the video for “Sticks’ n’ Stones” and "Sheila".


Cnt w8 4 GG

Before I get to the to topic at hand, I have two quick things to say.
First, we have five followers! Whoop.
Second, Court is out of town; so, I'm going to try to pick up the slack a.k.a. blog more than usual.
Could you understand that? I personally have a hard time with text language - and anyone will tell you that I actually lean towards paragraphs that jump around. I like to say as much as I in one little text.
Translation in English - "I cannot wait for Gossip Girl."
Yes, I'm that girl. I've seen every episode and own each of them through iTunes. And, I might have read all of the books... a few times. So, I'm pumped for the third season, especially since the show is always swarming with rumors of cancellation.
Personally, I love Serena, Blair, Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. They all have very distinct styles, which I love. I hate when actors take on a role and decide to just remain as the character… until another comes along. For instance, Lindsey Lohan – she’s still in high school. Maybe it’s because she never went, but that is her little world. Actually, Ed Westwick has done this too. Chuck Bass rocks tailor suits – not you.

Love this picture of Blake and Leighton looks like something that would end up on Facebook or possibly in a yearbook? Court and I both agree that we love Serena’s dress in this one, but her boobs are too big and I just can’t wear long dress. Still, I love both of them. Blake because she’s tall and healthy looking and Leighton because "Good Girls Go Bad" is catchy – though as our friend, Claire, pointed out, "She can’t dance." To me that makes her more likeable.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Watching is Sexy : I'm Going to Live Forever

Twenty-nine years ago (1980), Fame was realized, instant classic- my mom told me she used to pray that one day everyone would one out into the streets dancing. At this time, she was twenty and she’s probably seen it about that many times.

Later this year, a remake of Fame will be realized. I’ll be nineteen and predict that I will be there the day it opens with a ton of fifty year olds trying to recapture their youth.

Nevertheless of the crowd, I’m sooooo excited. I saw the original with my mom when I was around ten – I laughed and cried. Hopefully the new one will have that ability!

The trailer looks good, promising. Lots of new and old faces that should get you excited!


Dead Man's Bones.

Love this band. Stumbled across this a while back, maybe almost a year ago. Been waiting for the album ever since. Luckily they had a free download of "In the Room Where You Sleep" that I was able to snatch up. Not sure if you still can, but the link is still in their blog entries, so it's worth a try! Dead Man's Bones is a band made up of Ryan Gosling and lesser known actor Zach Shields. Love their music videos. Very creepy cool.

The guys first caught the eye of Tim Anderson, formerly of Ima Robot and currently of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, who produced the record. Then, Gosling and Shields attracted Anti-, which will release the band's self-titled debut album on Oct. 6, a slight change from the original plan to title the record Never Let a Lack of Talent Get You Down and release it on their own label, Werewolf Heart (Sweet name, right?). Dead Man's Bones songs feature the vocal stylings of the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir.

If they play a show at the Haunted Mansion at Disney World, I am so there. SO there.

DEAD MAN'S BONES - "NAME IN STONE" from biz3 publicity on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Take 3.

Kristen Stewart...well, I think we've all seen the way she conveys her...uh...words, you see it's like...thoughts...are, it's like, ahhh...

Put in a few tick-like running of her hands through her hair and you get the idea.

Lets just say Emma Watson is miles, zillion and zillions of miles above Kristen. Or kilometers. Zillions of km's. She even stopped and took some pictures with a couple fans outside of the show. Kristen is way too awkward for that. She would probably call it method. Same thing.

Daniel Radcliffe is going on Letterman tonight so...we'll see how that goes. He might not be able to top Robert Pattinson's appearance, and Take 4 might go askew. But I have faith.

But for now, Harry Potter is greater than Twilight, Take 3. I'm on vacation tomorrow, so no blogging de moi, unless there I have some late night inspiration. Doubt it.


Giving Back is Sexy

So, mi madre recently decided to do 26.2 with Donna aka a marathon. I know, right? I was always under the impression that marathons were for marathon runners, but this is not my mother- never will be. We both hate running, which is why she is now in training to walk a minute, and then run a minute. Crazy, but this can be faster than running the entire thing.

Can be.

But, nonetheless, I'm uber psyched for her.
So, 26.2 with Donna benefits The National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer, last year $800,000 were raised!!

I’m debating about joining her. It’s a win win. You workout out and help find a cure! What’s not sexy about that?

And, I would be totally lying if I said I hadn’t pictured Shia, Matthew or Lance and I running side by side already.


Steps Backwards.

I thought I was fine. I thought that it was over, this illness.

Then I saw this. This... well, see for yourself.

Ugh. It took me completely by surprise. No way I could have defended against it. Transformers went off without a hitch, absolutely no le sigh feelings for Shia at all.

Then this. Lets call this... 5 steps backwards.


i want to jump through my computer and have a trillion babies with him. too much? yes. truthful? yyyyyyyessssssss. i want him. now.


Ladies Kiss and Tell, Take 2

First off, I love this dress. This is Emma Watson arriving to David Letterman the other day. Isn't it just so...lesigh. I wish I was her soon-to-be lucky beyotch of a room mate so I could raid her closet. You know she'd be super nice about it too.

So, you know you love it, but Emma said this of her kiss with Rupert Grint:

"I pounced on him," but she also goes on to say that she was, "desperate to get it over with."

This is Take 2 of why Harry Potter is so, SO much better than Twilight. There is none of that "oooo Kristin and Rob have to be together, it's so perfect, so much DRAMA!" Shiz that people are trying to pull off...

Puh-lease. Shoot them. Harry Potter is about the story, not the drama. Like Theo referenced She's Just Not That Into You the other day. Point? Girls are all about the drama. Paying the bills late just for a thrill, that kind of thing.

Some girls at least. Glad to know Emma is not one of them. This is just one of many, many reasons why the greatness lies with the Hogwarts crew.


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Harry Potter > Twilight, Take 1

Ahahaha I love it when anything like this happens. Twilight is too big for its Stephenie Meyers- horrible writing britches. So whenever Twilight gets slapped in the face, even a little, even for something so minuscule as this...

well, we have to get our kicks somewhere. It's the little things that count.

Daniel Radcliffe has not seen Twilight. Everyone has made this huge deal about comparing Twilight and Harry Potter, and Harry Potter himself could not care less.

He did say is that he enjoyed working with Robert (Pattinson). Whatever.


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SVU Prisonbreak.

To those in the know, it's no secret that Theo and I love Law and Order. Mostly I just watch SVU so this is especially exciting for me. But one time Theo was an hour late coming over to my house and it was like, "Sorry, I got caught up in an episode of Law and Order." To which my immediate response was, "What? Don't apologize. You finish it. Tell me about it later over pizza." It's just one of those things you understand. We've all done it. Or had it happen to us. Law and Order is the all time greatest excuse for being late.

Anyways, my favorite episodes are when people guest star. That episode with Robin Williams is the BEST. Totally a thinker.

Which is why I'm excited for this one, plus, don't they look like such a cute couple? Wentworth Miller plays a cop in the episode, and I bet he and Liv have a thing. I'm calling it now. These pictures are steamy. They both have that glare that can make a criminal tell the truth. Elliot doesn't have that, which is why they're just friends. Wentworth has it.


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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Berry.

Theo and I were talking about this last night, how much we LOVE this baby. She is the cutest thing on the planet. Why does she not get as much attention as Shiloh? She is just as cute, if not cuter. Seriously though. How much do you want this baby? She's going to be more gorgeous than Halle. Too bad Halle had to name her Nahla. It's a name for a model, not an actress. But we'll see in 20 years I guess, or, the way things are going now, 10, maybe 5 years maybe

Love her little swimsuit. agh. Going baby crazy.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Away We Go.

So after all these months of waiting, I finally saw Away We Go. I was slightly wary because of the review that Lainey ( wrote, where she was...underwhelmed. Disappointed, like I feared I would be.

It was...kismet, or maybe the word is whimsical. Whatever it is you get the idea. Sam Mendes really makes this couple feel ordinary, and yet they are something to aspire to. They are a modern day fairy tale, a couple on a quest to find the perfect place to start their family.

This movie asks the question, what is a family? Maya Rudolph's character Verona's parent's have died, leaving her with just a sister to look to, and John Krasinki's character Burt's parents have abandoned them before the baby is due. They travel the country, observing different ways of existing and interacting within a family, from the crude of Allison Janney and Jim Gaffigan to the crazy-hippy call back of Maggie Gyllanhaal. Even what happens when a person decides to leave their family, and keep them scrambling to fit old pieces into a new puzzle.

This movie was awesome. If you want to leave the theater feeling like true love is possible, give it a try. Plus, almost the entire soundtrack is Alexi Murdoch. Wonderous.


Megan's Body.

I watched this trailer on a whim. I was curious.

The curiouser thing? I actually...liked it. I mean, kind of. I'm having an internal struggle that will continue until it comes out in September. It is the Megan Fox movie Jennifer's Body. It's like a 90's flashback to Jawbreakers and an 80's flashback to Heathers.

Despite the Megan Fox Factor it does not suck automatically. I have a feeling that this movie will freak me the hell out, but that's a duh. The truth is, this is kind of how I view Megan Fox. I secretly always thought she like, worshiped the devil or sold her soul to get her supposed sex appeal. I bet Diablo Cody had her in mind from the beginning when she wrote this.

Plot is: A gorgeous cheerleader is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a small Minnesota farming town, her "plain Jane" best friend must kill her, then escape from a correctional facility to go after the Satan-worshipping rock band responsible for the horrible transformation.". Jason Reitman (Thank You For Smoking, Juno) will be producing with Karyn Kusama (Girlfight, Æon Flux) directing.

Now, call me crazy, but there are certain actors I trust. Amanda Seyfried is one of them, for now. I can't think of anything she's ever done that I haven't liked. Veronica Mars, Mean Girls, Big Love, Wildfire and of course Mamma Mia. But what really got me attached to this movie? No, not Adam Brody. He's desperate for work and who can trust him after ITLOW? The best part about that movie was Olympia Dukakis (love her!). I totally see him as a demon though. Totally.

It was Beaver. All you VM fans know what I'm talking about. Cassidy Casablancas, the sexiest murderer (etc) on the planet. Kyle Gallner. Is in this movie. He cancels out the Megan Fox Factor. Love him. Adore him.

Now, it will depend on how un- poor I am in September, but I will probably end up going to see this. September isn't a great movie month, and I could totally see myself having an agonizing mind debate before gathering up everyone to go see it.

I will be going for Kyle and Amanda. That's all. The swamp thing isn't deserving of any attention whatsoever. In fact, I am still not altogether convinced that she doesn't get her body this way. Like that episode of Smallville, where the girl who used to be fat has some weird sci-fi experimental- thing happen to her and ends up losing all this weight because the only thing that can really sustain her is human fat, so she has to like, suck the fat out of people to live. It's weird, I never watched the show, but for some reason I've seen that one three times.