Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revenge is Best Served Wearing a Kick-Ass White Dress

Taylor Swift is the grand master of revenge-seeking women everywhere. So this may look like a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress, but actually it's an awards-show sized eff you to Harry Styles. 

The hand defiantly on the hip, smokey eye, plunging neckline -- this outfit is a carefully constructed "take a good, long look at what you're missing you British ponce." 

Today she tweeted from inside the studio, and I just have a feeling that One Direction boy should be shaking in his slouchy, looks like he's had them forever, but really they were $1000 boots. The tide is turning. This next album will be a test for tweens everywhere. 

Sisters before misters? Oh, where will their loyalties lie. Only time will tell, and most likely, whose album is better. 

My bets are on Taylor. In the end, she always gets her man. Literally -- at this point, you'd think people would be cautious about dating her. 

Just formed a new theory: she pulls a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to get new songs. Lures them in, and then forces them away for song material. 

I would totally watch that movie. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Jessica and The Ball[er] in her Belly.

Disclaimer: Theo and I are Nick Lachey loyalists. We hold no sympathy for Jessica Simpson.

That being said, I can't believe I didn't think of this before, but isn't it really terrible to dye your hair when you're pregnant? I seem to remember something like that in Baby Mama.

Shame Jessica Simpson, we all know that platinum blonde doesn't naturally spring from your head.

Onto more important issues, an explanation has arisen about her gargantuan size. She has denied that she is carrying twins (and in fact, will give birth to a baby girl, reportedly to be named Maxwell after fiancĂ©e Eric Johnson's grandmother) but has released that her doctor estimates the baby to be 10 lbs.

Jessica Simpson of course, had something annoying to say about it when she spoke with Elle. 

 "[The baby] is in the 90th percentile of weight right now, so she's a big un. She's going to be a very big baby, but I guess that's what I get for letting a baller knock me up."

A BALLER. Really Jessica? A baller. First of all, when people say that, they are usually speaking about footballers, as in soccer. Or someone who has a lot of money. Eric Johnson is neither. He also wasn't a very good "baller" so...not exactly a bragging point.

This is worse than the time she tweeted about "her Yalie." And I don't even want to get into the implications of wearing a snakeskin dress to your baby shower.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Someone Like You

Last night, it was no surprise to the music or general world population that Adele swept the awards. As 60 Minutes has stated plainly 2011 was the year of Adele.

I, of course, am an Adele fan (I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who is not at this point), but I must confess that while her music is spectacular I find myself more and more enamored with the women who sings the anthems to our lives.

If you haven't seen the 60 Minutes interview you can watch it here.

It was pointed out to me during last nights broadcast that Adele is almost exactly 25 months older than me), and I have to say, I really appreciate the name that Adele is giving to young women everywhere.

Adele has a strong powerful voice, backed by incredible lyrics, written by the artist. Not only that, but the woman herself has a strong beautiful, confident presence. As she says in the interview, she stands and sings. No gimmicks, no dancers, a woman and her voice. The girl has worked almost non-stop for the past 4 years on her music, worked and worked hard! Willing and committed to creating a future so much so that she worked in a record store after she won two Grammy's to stay in touch with music.

As a young woman who is approaching a major leap into real world life, I appreciate the image of a woman confident in her personality and in her appearance. One who rejects a preconceived concept of how a woman in her early twenties should look and behave, in favor of representing her own truths, making her seem, to me, like the perfect representation of a young woman.

Photo's Courtesy of Just Jared

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seizures in Paris

WARNING: Above video could cause seizures... it is, after all, a Kanye production.

Let me start out with the facts. I love this song. I know every single word to this song and I am proud of it. I hate the new music video for this song.

All I want and need for this music video is their live performance, because it's AMAZING! It's truly fantastic. YouTube their live performance, I'm attaching one below for you to see, and there are plenty more (they performed it 168 times over 34 concert dates).

I mean, you want to be there, right? You want to throw your hands up every single time Jay-Z says, "Again!" It kills me that I wasn't at their Chicago date, when they did it 9 times. 9!

This music video is so disappointing because the great shots of them live on stage are incredible... and then they cut it with weird ass shots of girls gyrating, in double, on screen. Such a disappointment.

Also, how much do you love that Kanye is basically wearing a dress? So much right?

Naomi Watts to Play Princess Di.

Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I am so excited about this movie- way overdue. The bio pic is called "Caught in Flight" and yes, she has been officially cast. The movie will focus on the last two years of her life, after she divorced Charles and reinvented herself as a humanitarian apart from the royal family. My favorite! Who wants to see the People's Princess sad and trapped in a loveless marriage? Not I.

While I do have mixed feelings about Naomi Watts, it is mostly because I am so blah about her. I have no distinct idea of her as an actress. She's Oscar nominated actress, but I have no idea for what. I just keep telling myself "The Painted Veil". Amazing movie she made with Edward Norton. If she can do that again, I am on board.

Photo courtesy of US.

She's Australian however, I'm sure the Brits will have a problem with that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Does That Even Mean?

I want to end our Super Bowl coverage with this piece from Team Coco.

Just watch and re-watch. Tweet your favorite lines to us, @popYEAHofficial!

Spanish Teacher

Ricky Martin guest starred on this weeks episode of Glee.

Let me first start out by saying that if any of my grade school Spanish teachers looked like Ricky Martin, I would know more than half of the Spanish alphabet.

Glee and I have a love/hate relationship. As in I hate it, but continue to watch because every once in a while those jerks produce something I actually like (see "Smooth Criminal" cover). This weeks episode was a must watch because of Ricky!

Ricky Martin has only gotten better with age, and with his new fatherly status. There is no question in my mind about this. I mean, Ricky Martin holding twin baby boys, it does not get better! Except for maybe the amount of fan-girling he gets on the episode itself.

Frankly, Ricky is the only person who could convince me to like a cover of LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It".

Life is so much better with Ricky Martin in it. -CE

Photo Courtesy of Just Jared