Monday, November 22, 2010

Turning 18, or Desperate 45?

Ok she turns eighteen tomorrow, so the gloves should be coming off.
I mean, seriously? Seriously. I saw these and I just felt bad for her. Demi Moore and her recently separated mother- who looks like she'd be happy if someone looked her way and said, "haha Tish you whore bag!" because she is THAT kind of grownup- are desperately clinging onto the youth of their daughters, sucking it from them like leeches.

And then her recent ex-boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, is seen out holding hands with some nobody but a wanna be somebody blonde yesterday...what choice does she have but to grab the closest thing around- some Nickelodeon dude who needs to cut the hair on his head and start growing some on his face (Avan Jogia)- and do something skanky in a hotel back room with him.

...While wearing a leather bra and pants. The worst part, although probably the best part in her eyes, is that it is all captured on some seedy hotel camera. Damn. Girl has problems. Like, Tori Spelling's character in a Lifetime Original movie problems.
I gotta feel sorry for her on this one. Plus there is braided hair on her cake. That's weird.
Photos courtesy of Just Jared

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