Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Emmy's Best and Worst.

So we haven't really talked much- ahem, at all actually- about the Emmy's. Both Theo and I were too swamped with school stuff to watch, but of course, and too swamped to review outfits afterwards. So lets keep this simple:
The best:
Glee really did well this year. All of them were amazing.

The worst:
Ok I can see where she was going with this, kind of a Mad Men-esque look, but she's very underdressed and rather lumpy looking, right? It's a miss.

I don't even know who this is underneath all that eye makeup. 
This one really makes me cry- we all know how I view Anna Paquin as my style icon. I can see where she was going with this, but...it's a miss. Something is off with this dress.
Anyways, just my opinions. I'm right though.

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