Friday, August 6, 2010

Look Me in The Eyeballs

I have a thing with rap songs. I always have one randomly favorite lyric that I start using in everyday conversations. For Rihanna and Eminem's Love the Way You Lie it's is when he says, "look me in the eyeballs". It's not just the words it's the way he says it... but look me in the eye, okay? LOOK ME IN THE EYEBALL, amazing. Before this, it was 50 Cent's Hate It or Love It "Woke up the next morning, man stole my bike"! Loves it. I still say it to my mom because she's the only one that remembers me saying this all the time.

Anywho, the Em's new video is out. I love him, so I can never complain. I love that he's clean. I love that he's back and hot again. I love that he got Rihanna on this track all things considering. But, I don't love whatever Megan Fox is doing to her face. It's rough and sticky. By sticky I mean it's like that one letter on a keyboard that sticks. You have to press it a few time to get an a or space. She's working to hard to get any kind of emotion across her face.


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