Friday, August 13, 2010

Umm... No.

I don't even know Jennifer Love Whatever is dressed like this, but I am confused. Let us just assume this is for an upcoming movie she's making, because I cannot get into the craziness of her just dressing like this. I hate HATE hate when movies have people in uniforms looking like this. I know, I know, "But, Theo. Everything has to be more dramatic for the movies." You're right, but no one wore their skirt approx. an inch under their boobs at my and Court's high school. She looks like a mental patient pre schooler or some shit like that. Does anyone have fact checkers anymore?

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  1. Theo, You might not want to hear this but for awhile at my high school, our skirts were made to sit above your hips much like the one in the picture. So in theory, a lot of them had a high waist like that. It was horrible - they would ride up as you kept walking and one could not sit down correctly without feeling something punching them in the stomach. Then they created ones that sit on your hips like a pair of jeans, which were much better and I know longer looked like that.

  2. Ohmygod. That is horrible. And I thought she looked bad in that Lifetime movie "The Client List". Dayyyumm.