Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Little Eden Shakes Her Booty...Everyone is Horrified.

Ok I've never particularly liked Leah Remini, but I will forever respect her for the un-masked look of disgust as this little...Eden (you really can't call her a girl, now can you? She's some sort of mutant) shakes her booty on TV.

Obviously, the only un-horrified one is the girl's mother, who is dancing on the couch with glee whilst visions of money and Dina Lohan dance in her head. I literally think this woman might be Jenna Maroney's mother from 30 Rock.

Julie Chen manages a complete stone face- also applaudable. Sharon Osborn gets that look on her face when she's trying to tune out Ozzy's rambling. My reaction was to laugh hysterically, and then sit open mouthed watching, but to each her own. They try to save her with their politely pointed questions, but it is far, far too late.

Someone answer me- where the hell pagent do you win the prize of "ultimate grand supreme"? Little Miss Scientology?
This is exactly right.
Photo design courtesy of BWE.

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