Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seizures in Paris

WARNING: Above video could cause seizures... it is, after all, a Kanye production.

Let me start out with the facts. I love this song. I know every single word to this song and I am proud of it. I hate the new music video for this song.

All I want and need for this music video is their live performance, because it's AMAZING! It's truly fantastic. YouTube their live performance, I'm attaching one below for you to see, and there are plenty more (they performed it 168 times over 34 concert dates).

I mean, you want to be there, right? You want to throw your hands up every single time Jay-Z says, "Again!" It kills me that I wasn't at their Chicago date, when they did it 9 times. 9!

This music video is so disappointing because the great shots of them live on stage are incredible... and then they cut it with weird ass shots of girls gyrating, in double, on screen. Such a disappointment.

Also, how much do you love that Kanye is basically wearing a dress? So much right?

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