Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Bachelorette- Ryan's Gone, Takes all the Fun with Him.

Wow Emily has gotten so southern belle in such a short period of time. Used to like her, now not so much.

The theme of this show: Ashley's parade of too short short skirts continues.

Weird how the six guys that are left are almost totally different. Interesting, I bet they appeal to six different demographics. Funny how that worked out.

Is that a kabbalah bracelet Ashley is wearing? Oooo she's so continental.

Did anyone else notice Ben was going the wrong way on that motorway? The arrow was clearly pointing the opposite way that he went.

OK SERIOUSLY if I hear Ashley say 'protected' one more time, I'm going to kick her off of that moped while it's moving.

Aww, I know I said I couldn't tell the difference between Constantine and Ben, but Ben is starting to grow on me. I might like him the best. J.P. is going overboard with the "I want Ashley to myself" act- because that's what it's starting to feel like. An act.

Jesus, supposedly they care about this girl, and a bunch of guys can't get a hold of themselves and are practically falling all over themselves to make innuendos. Classy.

Yeah, J.P. would totally have thrown a fit if he got one of the weird tuxes. Get over it dude. This is what you signed up for. Calm the eff down. Holy shit, he just the darkest, I'm going to murder look everrrrr. Scary.

Lucas was upset because he was wearing a dress? Dude. WTF. Ames is coming up ahead on this one.

Wow, they are REALLY pushing the hometown dates. Big ratings I assume. I mean, basically this whole episode has been about them.

Jesus! Where did the back half of her shirt go??! These Asian women think she is such a hoe. I saw one woman in the background who looked really confused. Wow, so they're going to a Temple with her dressed like that. Ok, cool that's not disrespectful at all.

TAI CHI. Oh my God, seriously, I have been talking about Tai Chi forever. I want to learn how to do it so badly. Of course Ryan would know all about it. He is such a Tai Chi person.
Oh my God, Ryan...this is the hardest moment. He is...I feel like I just kicked a puppy. His face was so heartbroken. You can't fake that. Not the way he did it. "You don't want to meet my family?"

I am never going to recover from this. Although as I was walking away, I was thinking, 'wow his pants have a flair. That's interesting."

None of us saw this coming Ryan, none of us. I am as close to tears as this show could ever bring me. He just wants someone to share his life with! Ashley you heartless bitch!

Awkward, my mom is literally talking to Ryan right now. "I'll love you Ryan" "Take me home to your parents Ryan- well, they're probably close to my age."
We'll miss this, won't we America?

They're making Ryan hail a cab? That's cold.

Wow, Lucas, a class act in the end. Way to go.

Weird. Emily is already crying before she event gets out of the car. That's awkward. Who thinks she took riddlin before this so she could get that perfect shaky look. WOW she is awful. Such a wilted little flower, but made up to look like Carrie Underwood. It's weird, and makes her look like a Stepford. I wonder if this will bring her and Brad back together.

HOW DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT THE DOT DOT DOT??? When did they film this? Hmm. Must have been pretty recently actually. They figured they could cash in on their public breakup. 
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