Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Bachelorette Part...Who Cares? Bentley's BACK.

I swear if I never hear the words "dot dot dot" again, it will be too soon. I mean Lord, IT'S AN ELLIPSIS! Not a state of being. 

Sorry this is a week in the making, and...I think I skipped one in there, but we all know nothing mattered in between Bentley leaving and him coming back. They literally got so bored they had to have all the guys take their shirts off and fight over her. Poor Ames.

"I promise you this is not going to have a happy ending, the way you're doing it." That's what (host) Chris Harrison said, and...not getting through. If someone who obviously new more than me about what was going on told me that, I mean, duh. It's literally like her best friend is like, "Umm, Ashley I just don't think he's really into you, you can do so much better," and that's the nicest way she can think of to tell her that he has been sleeping with their entire sorority.

WTF is up with that Avril Lavigne-esque "Let Go" fast forward while Ashley is standing still shot?
I mean, it's kind of a metaphor for her life, but it was really, really lame. I know they've been staging a lot of Ashley's alone "thinking" time, but really? Really.
Wow, WOW. Bentley's "I'm listening to you" face is really good. Like, fantastic. I think he's wondering what he's going to have for lunch. Like, "how do I get a BLT in Hong Kong?"

Ashley gave him SO much more of a verbal slap than I was expecting. She completely just realized that he wanted a free vacation to Hong Kong. Way to GO girl. HA. Doucher.

I've never been more proud of her. But...that's not saying much.

Aww. Lucas, he's just a good ole boy. So sweet. Adorable. Love him because he is so, so stupid- he is probably the only one who really doesn't care about the cameras, and believes Ashely doesn't care about them either. Tragic. He's totally getting the axe soon.

WTF is "manlihood"? Not a word.

I cannot distinguish between Constantine and Ben. They look exactly the same to me. Their race was hilarious though. Way to lose with some fun.

Great, fantastic strategy, getting a translator. Also, what is it about Ryan everybody hates? Sorry, if he's playing a game, I'm snowed. I like his enthusiasm. I guess I could see where it might get annoying, but come on. Eh. I guess we'll see.

Yes Ashley, good question. What ARE the chances that someone gets engaged right in front of you? NONE. Guaranteed that was staged. I think I recognized some of the people from the Dragon Boat race. And is getting down on one knee a tradition in China? Hmm. Suspect.

UGHHH. I am getting so sick of Ashley's "Oh my God this is gorgeous!" "I'll never forget this moment, that's for sure".

I LOVE J.P. SO MUCH! He is adorable. Too bad Ashley is annoying and not good enough for him. Ugh she is so horrible. It sucks that both of his dates revolve around that dbag Bentley.

WOAH. Some people definitely got disillusioned with Ashley over the Bentley thing. J.P. was a class act, but I definitely understand the other guys being angry. That's shitty of her to act all "I lurrvv you we have such a connection"...but then again, that's the bachelorette way dudes. She's juggling seven guys.

We really saw the bad side of the good ole boy in Lucas come out, "when you make a man feel second..." Oh get over yourself and grow some balls dude. SHE'S DATING SEVEN OF YOU. Or eight, or whatever it is this week. Bottom line: you know you're playing like...4th fiddle at any given time.

Weird how easy it was for her to get him to stop yelling at her though. A crying girl is a really powerful weapon.

Dudes- J.P.has the right attitude. Don't try to control her decisions. Basically, she's holding all the cards, it's quite literally her show. Men just can't handle a woman in power.

Ick. I can't believe I just referred to her as a woman in power.
About Blake, the dentist, I will say this: Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any other profession, fact. Poor guy. He's going to take this no rose thing really personally.

"Basically, I just want a friend." That says it all. Poor Blake.

Isn't Taiwan a huge hub for human trafficking? Wow, ok I would make a horrible Bachelorette.

As for the "next times" all I saw was her crying and talking about it was the worst day ever, all the while fixing her bangs.
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