Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bachelorette: HOMETOWNS!

Love it. Probably the episode I look forward to the most, aside from the first one before they weed out all the crazy people. Lets be honest- episode one is like the line to audition to American Idol. There's some real nutters mixed in. Anyways.

Love Ben. So, so cute. He definitely wins the unexpected award- did not look at him twice to begin with.

Waiting for Ashley to say something about being protected and secure.

...and there it is. Really didn't have to wait long. So I guess that's infinity points for J.P., he makes her feel secure and protected. That's like the golden ticket for this girl. It's getting a little predictable.

Why is Ashley constantly effing with her bangs??? Cut them or leave them alone.

Ok I love the waitresses at Constantine's restaurant, they are hilarious. Yes, calling it: the waitresses are the best part of this episode. Which is saying a lot.

WTF. He has a Daaaammnn boi. Restaurant biz is treating his family nice.

Aww. They're a cute family. Weird though, how she pulled Ashley aside for a private chat while they were eating, I feel like there could be a better time for when everyone else was doing the dishes, for instance.

Oh Dad is a smart dude. Like him.

I thought that dog searing a dress was a small child. My bad. Actually, that is their bad.

Shameless ABC. Turning this into "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

Ashley is really leading this family on. She's like, "I have to consider everyone" but doing that winking thing like, "You're totally in".

Amazing how all of these guys live in paradise. How does that happen? Nice hometowns all around.
Plaid shirt for the country boy. They are really playing this shit up. Ames gets caught in the middle- or maybe he just figured out how the game was played. Go Ivy League educations.

AGH! Ames' brother is so creepy looking!!! The babies are all creepy too- Ashley is totally not having it. She is literally thinking, "...but I want good looking, dancing babies".

Ew. Ames' sister is really into him.

Oh Lord. I have wanted to marry a man with a winery since Dennis Quaid in "The Parent Trap". #classics

Aw, I like Ben's sister. I am liking him more and more. Times like this, when his crying seems actually genuine, make me understand why I watch this.

Ooo. Nice boots J.P.

For real though, do none of these guys live in some shitty, seedy small town?
Oh this is actually really cute. And I definitely don't think she kissed any of the other guys like that.
WOW. Again, as if it needed to be repeated, J.P. is hot. Also his mom and dad are adorable. Love that mom ragged on him for being sunburnt.

I can't help but think about how much I wanted to meet Ryan's family. That would have been a trip. I miss him.

It really makes it look like a mass funeral when she stands in front of the pictures with the candles like that and everything.
Aw. Poor Ames was NOT expecting that. But really, with the creepy babies and brother, we all saw the 'Oh hell no' look on Ashley's face. She couldn't love an ugly baby. I loved Ames though. Le sigh, he was so nerdy.

"Now I'm back to sharing a lifetime of adventures with myself"-- Ok, that was hilarious.
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