Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ADA of Michigan Is a Bigot. Andy is Awesome.

This would be offensive if this dude wasn't so off the wall crazy. And homosexually repressed himself. I mean- so obviously closeted right? This is why you don't send your kids to those 'summer camps'. They turn out like THIS. Is being a nutball really better than being an openly gay man?

I'll answer for you- NO. Theo and I were skyping when we watched this- convo as follows.
Theo: watching now
Courtney: this guy is a freak. Totally closeted...and andy looks so fly
Theo: i love anderson. sometimes i cant watch the 360 because he distracts me from the issues
Courtney: agreed. i just always agree with what he says
Courtney: "i sense a lot of anger in your voice anderson, and i don't know where that's coming from"
Theo: this guy is clearly gay
Courtney: Totally. And he's saying these tactics are 'par for the course'? absolutely not

It was basically just 'he's so crazy, but Anderson is so awesome' from then on out. Seriously though- Andy's outfit? Da bomb.

And we both agree- you can't defend against the definition. That's solid gold baby.

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