Saturday, September 4, 2010

Touchdown Taylor.

The first Notre Dame football game of the season was exciting. Peaceful even. Except for one person- Taylor Swift. Every time a phone buzzed, it was a new Tay Tay sighting. She was escorted around campus with her own personal golf cart, just like last year when she and her brother, Austin, who is currently a freshman, were touring the campus.

Here's the funny thing- she brought Selena Gomez with her. You probably spotted her in the picture. No one really cared.

That's Selena you see on the left, and her bro Austin on her right. I hear he's a d-bag, but no confirmed proof, so we'll see. You notice she and Selena have matching visors, how adorable.
Apparently Taylor requested to sit in the student section with her brother, according to Chicago Breaking Sports, and was denied by ND officials. A smart move- she's obviously never seen the cram session that is the student section. So she was sitting right in front of my section but on the field (how nice) and an eyewitness (my friend Megan) said she "kept looking back at the student section like, 'notice me! notice me!' But no one cared because everyone was watching the game at that point" Now that's just one person's interpretation. But it's pretty much how it went down. Only football could have taken away from her presence on campus.

We won 23-12, if anyone cares.

Oh and apparently they went out to dinner at Rocco's after the game.
Photo courtesy of CHI. 

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