Monday, June 6, 2011

She Disappoints.

Oh Amanda Bynes. I remember when I looked up to you. I remember when I thought you were a role model for girls.

I was wrong. You dyed your hair extra OC blonde, started wearing tight, skimpy "all I have is my bangin' body" dresses, hanging out with Perez Hilton...le sigh. It breaks my heart to see the girl behind "She's the Man" look like this.

Those shoes? They say it all. They speak volumes. Especially since every other word they say is "like" and "OMG".

Amanda Bynes has turned into a dumbass. Into the girls she used to mock. She's like her own evil twin. Pimping herself out by looking like every other desperate girl in Hollywood.

I feel like a father who sees his daughter walk down the stairs in stripper heels and too much black eyeliner. Sad. Wondering what went wrong. 
Photo courtesy of Zimbio

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