Friday, June 18, 2010

Bad Moonshine.

This guy has obviously had some tainted moonshine (modern day translation= some bad meth) and that drawing? That's HIM. He drew his effing self, just taller. With a bigger beard. Jesus. Local effing news. Were there no kittens wandering the street or rain coming in that day? So they had to spend all their time "investigating" this?

Ok this is the shittiest piece of journalism I have seen since...ok come on, they obviously cut the cop's interview to make it sound like he thought something was up, but "just couldn't say anything on camera".

I hate local news stations. They suck. I love this mountain man though. He's awesome.

"So, I told him to get!", "It looked like he had six fingers on each hand," and, my personal favorite quote: "He had long, beautiful hair."

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