Friday, June 18, 2010

Again, Really?

Khloe and Kim Kardashian attended last night's NBA Finals game seven between the Lakers and Celtics in LA. This is THE biggest game of the year. Like, there isn't a next week or game or practice after this one. The winners of this one are the best in the world. But again, Khloe and Kim can't be bothered to support their team. Even Mom Kris has a Laker jersey on. I get it - lots of celebs are there and you want to look your best but at least look like you want to be there. Goddammit, Khloe's married to a Laker- I'm sure she could get insane discounts if she needed them. Stop dressing to impress girls and dress to support.

Actually Theo, if you'll notice, they are both wearing black, and tan (see Khloe's shoes), a color that is nearly yellow, a Lakers color. I think this is as close as they will ever get. 

This stupid shiz starts early- none of the players wives/girlfriends ever wear team shirts or whatever. Even the girlfriend's I see courtside at ND basketball games are in like, black dresses. It's like the official "Wives" uniform. 

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