Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bieber Woos Us with Dolphins.

This is a joke right? Bieber, with a DOLPHIN. Is there anything more freaking adorable???

Thank goodness for that stupid running into the door incident(s)...otherwise this would just send me straight over the edge. As it is, I just want to kick Bieber away and play with that dolphin myself.

Finally, something cuter than him. Although 12 year old girls and probably my 20 year old roommate Michelle are freaking out right now and hitting their printers trying to get them to print this picture out faster.

...This dolphin might be to Bieber what that red bathing suit was to Farrah Fawcett.

Here are the rest- is anyone else weirded out by how close that photographer had to be? Obviously spell bound by the Bieber locks.
Justin Bieber was at Atlantis Resort for a private concert, and this is also the site where he did a photo shoot yesterday with that tramp Kim Kardashian.

Back off Bieber Kim. You don't know what these fanatic 12 year olds will do to you. Fear it.
Photos courtesy of BWE.

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  1. I appreciate the shout out. hahahaha. I laughed hysterically as I was reading that. He's so adorbs. You can't go wrong with the bieber fever.