Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'll Give You This One

Few months ago, John Mayer promised fans he would tune down the jerk thing he's been working the past through years. After he dated Jessica Simpson, Mayer was barely tolerable. God, but after Jennifer Aniston- I had to stop listening to his music.

But, John Mayer tries to be funny. It worked this time. Fans "coyly" snapped a picture of him. He posted the pic on his site with the caption "You are not slick." Loves it. And, what the eff is on these girls heads? One girl with a fedora... okay. But, two sitting together. Just stupid.

I'm loving the smile on his face.


Ok, I laughed out loud when I saw this. This is hilarious. Especially when I went to his site and saw his description: 
"John Mayer has written over 30 self help books and lives in Nantucket with his wife Eileen and two sons, Max and Sergio. They have a dog named Brisket."
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