Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Break Away.

My Lord do I love Wentworth Miller. I am in the process of watching "Prison Break" and I'm only on season one (I hear it gets bad, but whatever) but the point is right now I am majorly crushing on Went.

...but not with that haircut. I much prefer the prison buzz cut. Still in love though.

He is playing Chris Redfield in the "Resident Evil: Afterlife" and had this to say about the physical state of his character after googling him:
“Wow, if what I’m seeing is an accurate representation, this guy is right out of the WWF. (laughs) His arms are like the size of treetrunks. Four weeks to prepare for this movie. That’s not gonna happen.”
Went, I think you are just fine. Juuuusttt fine. 

Photo courtesy of JJ.

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