Saturday, August 15, 2009

J'adore Joseph.

I speak French. Kind of. Not really.

Damn. LOVE love love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I really want to go out and buy this magazine. Not just for him either- I mean, "Beer! Babes! Parties! ...And lots more reasons why you should move to Berlin right now" sounds like a really interesting well articulated article. Damn. I'll probably just end up shame stealing from a doctors office or the gym.

Don't wait for my endorsement to see 500 Days- I'll cut to the chase right now: I loved it. I swear, the review will be my first priority tomorrow morning, but it was totally worth seeing. Mostly because of him.

Here's what I don't understand. He doesn't fit the cover at all- it's very solid and sleek, and he is...not. He looks like a cranky scruffy mountain man who stumbled onto a fashion shoot.

And why did they awkwardly put that caption on his stomach?


  1. you're right, that's an awful caption placement.

  2. haha I feel like that's something Theo would look at and be like, "Courtney, what are you doing??"

    Like at yearbook camp, when I made a layout and forgot to put any captions in.