Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not So Much

I'll admit, I had slight crush on Justin Bieber. I think that's gone now. Seriously, has this kid even hit puberty yet? I don't think so, like - I really hope he hasn't. Yikes, he's like Mario the singer. I had huge crush on him until he took his shirt off and looked like a cross country runner. ALL BONES. Bieber has this effect- he need to hit the gym and start working out for reals. Where is Taylor Lautner's trainer?

Did you guy's see Biebs and Tina Fey on SNL?! Classic. No lie, it was really summarized all of my feelings. Love Fey.

Ok it's so true- his smile is like watching a baby bunny sniffing a tiny flower. But really Theo? Of course he's super skinny. He's like 12. Him looking like Taylor Lautner would be like seeing a ten month old with a six pack.
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