Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Playoffs!

Tonight the Penguins are taking on Ottawa Senators. I know Court usually does the NHL stuff, but I thought I'd get in the spirit earlier than I did last year. The game starts at 7 pm EST on Versus.

Anyways, students of Plum High School in Pittsburgh got together to support their hometown team. They created a video using over 100 hundred students and a slightly overplayed Black Eyed Peas song to create HS TV production gold. I'm not knocking on Bishop Kenny but sometimes I hated having to watch what some people in Mr. Yocum's class was funny. After the kid that danced with the broom left after our freshmen year, TV Production went to the shits. Granted, the Jacksonville Jaguars suck and we live in more of a college sports team. Someone could have done this right?

But, for real, big ups to these kids for putting this together! In Jax, someone for sure would have been shot during filming. Someone must have called YouTube to film it.


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