Monday, June 22, 2009

Reading is Sexy.

Anyone remember when Hermoine Granger was homely? Kind of had beaver teeth? Thus is the glitz and glamour of movies, that Hermoine is no more, and really hasn't been since the first Harry Potter. Emma Watson is gracing the cover of Teen Vogue, and once again, there is no comparison to any other cover they have ever had.

Emma is the girl who gives hope to all the bookish women of the world who know that there is more to culture than wearing a sparkle tube top while club hopping in Europe on your semester abroad.

Teen Vogue has been consistently moving in a more refined, glamorous direction, much more like it's more mature counterpart than ever before, and I think we see the culmination of that direction in this breathtakingly beautiful photo shoot. Cate Blanchett worthy, but with more...whimsy. Yeah, I said it. Whimsy.

The best part about Emma Watson? Not only is she completely serious about college, and being an English major (like yours truly), she wants to do it right- she will be living in the freshman dorms with a roommate. Whomever that lucky girl may be...I'm jealous. Imagine raiding that closet. Or very tiny cabinet, as the case usually is with college dorms. Fingers crossed for Yale ladies and gents!



  1. i love how she says innovative...i want an accent

  2. If you go over to England, you will.

    It's an ah ha moment, right?