Thursday, May 20, 2010

I KNOW, I know

I'm supposed to be over him... I'm not though. How you can not love Justin Bieber when I see things like this? He's so cute! Note: I didn't use the word sexy, I said CUTE. Sexy guy obsessions and cute boy obsessions are totally different. It's like the difference between my John Krasinski obsession and my Tommy Edwards obsession. Tommy is a pudgy kid we went to high school with and I was full on cute obsessed with him. His pudgy belly and rosy cheeks. So precious!

Ok so I watched this thing like twelve times trying to figure out how exactly he hit his head- then I saw it. He was trying to leave but he couldn't. There was the side door and THAT is what he hit his head on. Hilarious. My mom said his "asinine hair probably got in the way". Direct quote. And probably true. 

Typical teenage boy. He acts like an ass about it. He barely tapped his head on the door and you would think he lost an eye. 

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