Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Bachelorette, Episode 2.

I love The Bachelorette. Not ashamed of it. Here are my faves so far:

Ben C., from New Orleans

West, the lawyer from South Carolina whose wife died.

J.P., Construction boss in New York.

William, a cellular phone salesmen from Ohio, father was an alcoholic.
Batman guy, or "Jeff", was so awkward in the first episode, but I honestly thought Tim from Long Island (the guy who got super drunk and passed out) might have murdered him. But now that he lived past that, I will admit that I am curious.

This is what he looks like, sorry to ruin it. 

By the way, does anyone else think it's weird they had Ashley, who is supposedly this amazing dancer who likes to dance alone on a stage with a spotlight on her...comes on stage, and you think she's going to dance with the Jabbawockeez, but no. She just slowly moves her ass from one side to the other, takes her mask off, and then is like, "Oh hey guys! It's just me. Not dancing." She dances later, but not really. Not for how much they've been promoting her as a dancer.

After watching No Rythem Nation I am all about West. He has my sense of humor, also he can't dance, but in a way that he can totally dance. He was just in it, and was way less uptight than I would have guessed.

And I know the buzz is all about Bentley, and how he doesn't really care about Ashley. But come on guys. His name is Bentley. Of course he's an asshole. I called it before the first episode even aired and I was going through their profiles.
He even has an asshole look on his face to top it all off. His face is kind of squished also, so not cute for me, but I guess I see it. Nice guy just wasn't happening there. No idea why she literally begging him to stay on the show. That was awkward.
Photos courtesy of Starcasm.

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