Monday, May 30, 2011

Snickers non va bene.

TMZ is reporting that New Jersey's ambassador to Italy, Snooki, had a literal run in with the law this weekend in Florence, Italy...crashing into the back of a police car, wedging her car between that and and wall.

She is in custody, but not arrested as of yet. Reports are saying that she and Deena, who was with her at the time, had to climb out through the windows, since both doors were blocked, and all parties are uninjured.

In case you were wondering, they drive on the same side of the street as we do in Italy, so that wasn't the cause, and "sources" are saying that alcohol wasn't involved so...plain stupidity then? Shocking. I mean, that picture is the face of a responsible, not at all ditsy person.

I'm sure it will make a great episode. Pauly D will be in the background going, "Snooks, cabs 'ere!"
Photo courtesy of Zimbio.

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