Monday, May 30, 2011

Jason Ritter Loyalty.

I'm pretty sure Theo and I have had the conversation about how much we love Jason Ritter. I would go see anything with him in it...even if it is "The Perfect Age of Rock 'N Roll" which is not the greatest movie title I've ever heard. It actually sounds like a movie that would be about two aging rockers to make it big or something. Nope. Here's the synopsis: 
“Two estranged childhood friends channel their talent and passion for music into a cross-country road trip that brings them face to face with their past on a quest to confront the future. Spyder (Zegers), a world famous musician whose debut album is a huge hit, retreats to his hometown after his sophomore effort flops. There he reconnects with his former friend and collaborator, Eric Genson (Ritter), now a middle school music teacher. It’s a reunion that forces the two to recall their youthful ambitions and re-examine the choices they’ve made.”
 And of course, I've liked Kevin Zegers ever since his subconscious hit Miley Cyrus with a truck in the Rock Mafia video last year.  Here's the trailer-

A little melodramatic for my taste- "most men lead lives of quiet desperation"...what the hell do women lead? HA. Quiet desperation my butt.

Well...Jason Ritter love forever!
Photo courtesy of JJ.

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