Monday, May 30, 2011

Tre Tre's Got Drop.

Watching Real Housewives of New Jersey right now, and this might be super bitchy, but I kind of thought that Teresa was skinnier than she is. I mean, she's got a good body, but if you promote yourself as a "Skinny Italian"...just look at this one:
Girl got some drop. She's got a little junk in the trunk and a belly. She does look fantastic for a woman with four kids her age, but with all that talk about how skinny she is, I'm kind of like, eh...not really.
Especially when you compare it to this one. I don't even know what say about her tan. She does have that kind of sun dried tomato look about her.

As for Joe...I mean, sexy. 
Photos courtesy of Daily Mail and InTouch.

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