Friday, May 27, 2011

First Bolts Entry into Hockey Boyfriend's Club.

During tonight's game 7 Stanley Cup playoff game between the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning, Steven Stamkos, the hottie with a naughty body above, was the talk of the commentators table for being fierce after being just totally nailed in the face with a puck. I mean, it looked horribly, horribly painful.

Just look- spoiler alert, there is a little bit of blood in the pic. You know, with the battle wound and all.
He was only gone for under five minutes and still ended up playing over 18 minutes in the game, basically his average for the other games in this series.

You've gotta love conviction in a man. And the wound doesn't hurt either- I swear, something about a dude with a battle scar. At one point, he was pulling a Channing Tatum in She's the Man and basically had what looked like a certain feminine hygiene product stuck up his nose while another line was on the ice. All I have to say? Pulling. It. Off.

They may have lost the game, but he won my heart. Le sigh.
Photos courtesy of ESPN & Getty.

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