Thursday, June 9, 2011

Irons' Autopsy Revealed.

32 year old surfer Andy Irons's mysterious November 2 death was ruled a heart attack. Irons, who died in his hotel room in Dallas in November, had Ambien, Xanax, methodone, cocaine and methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death, as a recently revealed autopsy report finds.

The three time world champion was on his way back home to Hawaii after withdrawing from a competition in Puerto Rico.
"A plaque of this severity, located in the anterior descending coronary artery, is commonly associated with sudden death," Dr. Vincent Di Maio, a forensic pathologist, explained to the family, according to the press release. "The only unusual aspect of the case is Mr. Irons' age, 32 years old."

While Di Maio told the family no other factor contributed to his death, the official toxicology report and autopsy from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner lists a second cause of death as "acute mixed drug ingestion."

Di Maio believes most of the drugs found in Irons' system, including Xanax and Methadone, were at therapeutic levels. Benzoylecgonine was also found in his system, which is often tested for when conducting cocaine urinalysis. A toxicologist that the family consulted said the levels of Benzoylecgonine were "consistent with the use of cocaine at about 30 hours prior to his death."
Irons's wife Lyndie was pregnant with their son Andy Axel at the time of his death, he born on December 8.

Read Outside Magazine's article on the surfing icon to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his death.
Photos courtesy of Outside and Zimbio.

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