Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bachelorette, Episode 4.


I LOVED WEST. Loved him. I guess technically I should be glad Ashley dumped him since he is too good for her, and I knew they wouldn't work anyways, but...
She kept that dumbass trainer from Tampa, and dumped West. That's what really gets me. West is so, so much better than that dude.

Officially, Ashley has terrible "woman's intuition", which is what she called her lovey lust feelings for Bentley, so...

I mean, she sounded so stupid. It was kind of sad actually.

I ended up liking Ames a lot more than I thought I would- more than, you know, not at all. Which is how I felt about him before. I thought he was one you immediately push aside and don't bother worrying about. I think he surprised America tonight. That's right- all of America. But he still thinks he is the shiz. You can tell he is super impressed with himself.

Constantine still underwhelmed, obviously, but I found his conversation about as scintillating as Ashley's, so maybe they could work.

Tailand is gorgeous, but I kept seeing golf carts in the background, so...I'm sure they're exploring the "real" Tailand, being super adventurous and "spontaneous". Ugh barf.

Also, my mother made a great point- that outfit Ashley was wearing during her dinner with Ames was SHORT. Like, she had to keep pulling her skirt out of her ass crack short. She looked a little stupid, and a little bit like she had a wedgie. They might be overestimating her dancers legs...not sure they can pull off something that short.

I am all about J.P. now of course. LOVE LOVE LOVE him. Everyone else is second best to me. He is so sweet, and so genuine. Unlike that ass Bentley. I actually hope Ashley doesn't give him the attention he deserves. She belongs with...Ames probably.

As for the Bentley stuff for next week? "He's actually in this hotel room...right now". DRAMZ. She goes skipping off to her room like the sophomore girl with low self esteem who could use a little help in the beauty routine to the senior football captain.

Think Tai and Elton from Clueless. Which would make Chris Harrison...Cher. Weird.
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