Friday, June 3, 2011

Ramona Knocked Up by her Reality Show?

Wow. Jealousy can really make people nuts. It drove Kelly Bensimon wack-o, but here I thought Ramona was already too far gone to go any further.

I was wrong.

Reportedly, she ends this (totally dull) season of Real Housewives of NY by announcing that she thinks she is pregnant.

Why would a woman whose child hates her as much as Avery does get pregnant again? Glutton for punishment? Nope. Somebody has her eyes trained on Bethanny Frankel success, step one: get your own wine (Ramona Pino Grigiot) step two: pregnancy.

Now since she is 54, step two doesn't come so easily, so the next best thing is just to fake it.

Yep, that makes sense in reality show world. This is basically the reality show version of pretending to be pregnant so your boyfriend doesn't leave you.
Photo courtesy of BWE.

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