Friday, June 3, 2011

T-Ball is the New Kiddie Kabbala.

Stars are doing that "normal" stuff they do so infrequently. Brit Brit and Kate Hudson were spotted at their kid's t-ball games. Although for some reason, very pregnant Kate Hudson decided to look more like she was headed to some sort of ceremony praising Gaia, instead of her son's game. I guess a t-shirt and shorts would be too normal to ask for.
And is this not the most adorable picture you've ever seen? That cutie pie is none other than Sean Preston, Brit Brit's baby boy.

This is him at his Calabasas, California little league, coached by none other than his daddy, Kevin Federline.
Man, that guy needs to lose weight. It does not look natural on him. Anyways, glad this is what the stars are doing with their kids now, instead of pulling that Madonna thing and dragging them around with red bracelets on.
Photo courtesy of BWE and JJ.

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