Monday, June 6, 2011

Review, X Men: First Class.

Normally I completely, totally trust Lainey Gossip's taste. I was already excited  to see "X Men: First Class" and when she tweeted mad love for it, I was SO on board. Made my mom go see it Sunday.

I mean, I really wanted to see this movie, and BAD. So badly in fact, that I suffered through this: we went to the 4:00 showing, and in true form, showed up at 4:10, got tickets, and ran inside. Previews were still showing, but the theater was PACKED. I mean, there might of been two seats totally far apart from each other. Ok. Fine. We'll go to the 5:00. We switch out our tickets with a really cranky 60 something ticket person named Deborah. I get it, that job sucks. All the cool old people work at Panera, or the Library. Anyways, we go to Target, get a little distracted, and I walk into the 5:00 showing at 4:48. Totally respectable movie time show-up. IT WAS PACKED. No joke. Wanted to toss myself off a bridge, because at this point, I'm like, I hate the Regal theater, the only reason I am here is because we had free passes because they effed up the sound on "Bridesmaids" last time. I just might burn this theater down to the ground. That would certainly help their bug problem. Anyways, the movie.

I liked it. Definitely was not too terribly disappointed. But it was just one of those movies where I had such high expectations, and it was just so...cheesy. I think it almost would have been better if I hadn't seen the first ones. 
James McAvoy, who my mother kept complaining she really didn't like all the way in line, prompting me to get into a way too intense debate with her, possibly freaking out the people in line behind us, was the most fantastic part. He was amazing. A literal superhero, using his character's telepathy to save the movie in my mind. I love James McAvoy, like, too much.
Then January Jones would come on and ruin it again. Why is she a person? Oh yes, she's pretty. Also mindless. Recalls back to the day when women were subservient Barbie dolls, aka Betty Draper. Once dated Ashton Kutcher. All steps on her ladder to success.

I will just conclude with a quote about her from Zach Galifianakis: "'January, you are an actress in a show and everybody’s going to forget about you in a few years, so f---ing be nice,'"

Random people in it: Michael, from Roswell. Also, if you're a Bones fan, Booth's brother. His real name is Brendan Fehr. So glad to see him working, because I really like him. He has about two lines, but works them so well. Also, that Lucas Till kid from the Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana movie (literally the only reason I watched that movie, I SWEAR) was one of the X-Men. He was adorable. Oh Theo will LOVE this- Nicholas Hoult from Skins (season 1) and of course, About A Boy. Also Kevin Bacon was his usual awesome-y goodness.

I will say this, but want to stipulate that I have full hope for Lenny Kravitz in The Hunger Games still. Zoë Kravitz WAS AWFUL. Ugh, just truly terrible.
Not sure how, but for some reason I just could not buy her as a stripper. Which was weird. Because she has that look a little bit. Also, nice super power. You have weak little butterfly wings and spit up fire. How...fierce. Not. 

Speaking of The Hunger Games, it made me so excited to see Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss. At one point, in a totally non-creepy way I was like, "yes! Thighs!" Let me explain- she was walking by Rose Byrne, who plays Moira MacTaggert, who is of course so gorgeous, but also super skinny, and Jennifer Lawrence has thighs! Real ones! Not toned, super hard core Angelina Jolie in "Lara Croft", but just regular thighs. Love her for that. It made her total gold in my eyes. I am on board with her as Katniss, officially, from now on.

All in all though it was a good summer movie. I would say go see. Lets say 2 1/2 yeahs! (out of four)

We don't really have a rating system, but "yeahs" seems upbeat and fun. So we'll go with that.
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