Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nick Jonas, V Man.

Ok by total accident these pictures of Nick Jonas got lost on the mess that is my desktop and I forgot to post them. Sorry Jo Bro die hards, they were precious to me too- perhaps so much that I subconsciously did not want to share?
We'll say that. Anyways, true Jonas rabids will have already of seen these anyways, probably before I did- even with my six hour jump.

PS- does he not look like he has a little bit of a uni-brow in the above picture? Unfortunate angle, I'm sure. Joe would never let him be photographed un-groomed. 
What is up with V Man magazine lately? It's like all of a sudden it's the new GQ or something. Well, power to them, because I've been loving their covers. Nice.
Photos courtesy of Perez.

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