Friday, February 12, 2010

Ryan Kwanten, August Man.

Ryan Kwanten, how I have missed you. The months since "True Blood" have been passing slowly, and I cannot wait until I have it back in my life again.

He was photographed by Mitchell McCormack, and spoke on his life as an actor:
On making sure he keeps a life outside acting: “I don’t mean to sound preachy, but I think it is a mistake that a lot of actors make. They just surround themselves with the world of acting and therefore that is all they know.”
On watching his passion for the craft grow: “It wasn’t until the roles started getting bigger and the storylines more complex that I realized there was a true profession behind this. As the roles got deeper that passion for the craft was cemented in my veins.”
On leaving behind his life in Australia:“It was never a planned move to Hollywood, but once I arrived in L.A. it sunk its teeth into me and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn’t let go.”

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