Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Next Generation.

Davy Davy Davy. Love him. Hate him. Doesn't really matter- anyone who shares genes with James Franco has got to be worth a second, third and fourth look, right?

Details is coming out with their "The Next Generation of Hollywood Men", and he is one of the featured boys. Also on the list? Miley Cyrus' beau Liam Hemsworth, who I must say is looking mighty fug on this shoot, she can have him.
His "How you know him" section says this: As an MIT student in the Nicolas Cage thriller Knowing; in the pages of Us Weekly, for reportedly dating Miley Cyrus.

Ok, so he was basically an extra, then he met Miley Cyrus and became famous. Hmm. Similar pattern that we've seen before? Who the hell was Justin Gaston before they started dating? No one. And still, the only thing he is known for is dating Miley Cyrus. And being an extra on "Glee".
 Now here's something promising. Ben Hollingsworth, from Ontario. Love the last name Hollingsworth- sounds like a song. Anyways, he's 25, and the last thing he was in Ashton Kutcher's quickly canceled CW series The Beautiful Life.Ew. We'll try to look past that. Plus, this made me laugh: 
"I was once in a theater production of A Few Good Men. I shaved my head, gained 30 pounds of muscle, and was walking around town in dog tags—I got a little Method. People came up to me and were like, 'Thank you for all you do.' And I'm like, 'Oh, you saw the show?"
Anyways, back to Dave Franco: 24 (hmm only four years older than me...) native of Palo Alto, FL and of course, brother to James Franco. He is of course, most recently on "Scrubs" as Cole Aaronson. Next up is the big time: he's starring opposite Zac Efron in "The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud". Zac Efron= the big time.

Oh Davy Davy Davy.
Photos courtesy of Details.

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  1. i totally lol'd at the hollingsworth quote. good way to start my day, thanks!