Monday, January 18, 2010

For Every Step Forward...

One of the Olsen twins takes a step back. Well, in this case, every step back there's a step forward because this photo was taken two nights. But, gosh- those girls just can't go through the weekend without reminding people they're rich enough to dress like bag ladies. Ashley Olsen at an Black Tie Art Gala (same one as Lohan) in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. I like her with thick eyebrows, but the dark lipstick for some reason makes her look like she has a unibrow. The wonders of makeup everyone.

I'm telling you- this is the Miss Havisham dress! You know, from "Great Expectations"? Seriously, all she needs is an uneaten wedding cake and she's got it down. Maybe this could be an actual acting role for her?
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