Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Winter Wonderland at Sundance.

I literally died and went to heaven when I saw this. Then was wrenched back down to earth by the realization that I will never meet/have Ryan Gosling fall in love with me. Water under the bridge- I'm just happy to look at him.

This is at Sundance yesterday, where he and co-stars Michelle Williams and their on-screen daughter Faith Wladyka celebrated the premiere of their movie, "Blue Valentine" by snow tubing. So jealous- I live in snow and I've never done that. I only get the sucky parts of snow. Like ice down the back of your neck. Or being chucked into a snow pile by a FORMER friend when trying to run to the dining hall in flip flops.

Isn't he so adorable, taking little Faith down for a tube ride? Le sigh. Look at her face- girl is not as happy as she should be. Kids these days, eh?

Donneven about Michelle Williams. What I wouldn't give to have Ryan Gosling give me a hug/head kiss combo. Anyone remember her days as that annoying Jen on "Dawson's Creek"? I do, and let me tell you- I am amazed at the career she has now. Amazed.
Photos courtesy of JJ.

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