Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frat Boy's Bible.

Ugh. First of all. Next, COMPLETELY forgot to post about this, but this is only the latest in Amanda Bynes disappointments. I mean- her Cosmo cover from earlier this year? Tragic. This...le sigh. Were is our adorable, clumsy heroine of "She's the Man"?

Who edits this magazine? Frat boys? I see beer, sex and sports on this cover. I mean, really. How cliché can you be? Although to be fair, women's magazines can be just as bad- which is why we make fun of them too.

Side question: why won't she take her hands out of her pocket? Just seemed strange.

I knew this day would come as soon as she started hanging out with Perez Hilton. Ugh. My childhood feels gross now- thank God Mary-Kate and Ashley never pulled this shiz.
Photo courtesy of Fug.

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