Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glee Fashionistas.

So "Glee" totally knocks one out of the fashion park, once again, at the Fox Winter 2010 All-Star idea what THAT is, but in this economy, who can't afford to be throwing random parties?

Anyways, Lea Michele was wearing Isaac Mizrahi and Giuseppe Zanotti pumps (yay Italians!) which I am in love with by the way.

And of course the rest of the adorable crew...

Hate Dianna Agron's shoes though. 

Love how refreshing these kids are! Miley Cyrus my butt. Hannah Montana is dead, and Glee lives!

I'm gong to disagree with Courters on this. What the fug are Lea and Dianna wearing? Looks like Lea is on her way to a paper mache convention and Dianna decided to throw on some old drapes. Amber (which is such a weired name for a black girl) looks super cute! But, Kevin McHale is unplesantly short... and he kind of looks like a manly girl in this picture. I'm going to say this was not a good night for Glee stars.

Photos courtesy of JJ.

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