Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Can Hockey Get a Little Love?

Probably no one will appreciate this, aside from maybe Theo, but I'm just too excited about finally getting to watch a Pens game this Sunday. It's against the Flyers, which is...so perfect. I'll just be heading on down the road to the piazza Navona...oh yes. After a weekend in Spain. Jealous?

Anyways, the reason I can catch the game is that it's on NBC, and hence starting at 12:30, aka 6:30 my time. Above is an example of NBC's coverage of hockey. Notice anything weird? Maybe the fact that they show a reel praising a goalie OVER him getting scored on? Totally missed the goal, and the irony kills. Ah, America and their sports. Can hockey get a little love?

Seriously- they wonder why they're going to lose 12 million on the Olympics. As Conan O'Brien said, "Am I the only one who finds that really funny?" You reap what you sow NBC...

That's just pathetic. "He... just gave up a goal." That's what you get for trying to be fancy and playing replays instead of live action. 

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