Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shaq Vs. Ben Roethlisberger.

Shaq Vs. premiered on ABC tonight, on a five episode contract, with an option for a sixth. So far slated guests are Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Phelps, Albert Pujois and Serena Williams. There were also talks for Lance Armstrong for the optional sixth.

Ok, this show is fun, I like the premise, and maybe it's because I do not like watching football, but it just wasn't that interesting to me. If it was hockey though, I would probably be enthralled.
Not because of Shaq though, and I like him! He needs to talk or commentate more during the show, he can be super funny!

All this show was to me was Ben Roethlisberger in an attempt...and failure to save his injured reputation, and Shaq doing a very poor attempt at a football player. Ben won, Shaq lost. I remained ambivalent. I like the community aspect. The game was played at a local Pennsylvania high school and, I missed the beginning, but I think they used the school's football players as the two men's teams.

Here was a touch point for me: Shaq has to go for a touchdown at the 20 yard line, whereas Ben's team must start from the 40. Not sure how I feel about that- kind of seems like a cop out. If he's gonna talk the talk, he'd better walk the walk, and that walk is 40 yards.

Words of wisdom from Shaqistotle:
"To beat them, you have to become them- remember that America."

Grade for this Show: D+

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